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Pooja Mehra Abrol- shoes from Sole House

Pooja Mehra
Written by Punya Haruray

Pooja Mehra Abrol, founder of Sole House, is a very modest shoe designer based out of Delhi and doesn’t like to talk about herself! She believes that one should talk more about what they are doing and contributing to the world rather than harp about themselves. Kudos to the girl who thinks like that!

So, with a lot of excitement she talks about Sole house and says, that we make shoes that enlighten your soul and comfort your feet in style.  Each shoe has a story to tell, the story tellers are the karigars who literally weave their magic on to the shoe and create a beautiful piece of art.

I truly believe in the quote said by the famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin, “A woman carries her clothes, but it’s a shoe that carries a woman”. Yes, I admit I have a fetish for shoes and when I see beautiful shoes, it feels like someone has put a spoonful of warm, gooey molten chocolate in my mouth. That is the same feeling I got when I saw some of the gorgeous handcrafted shoes from Sole House.

The shoes by Sole House are unique, jeweled, embroidered, are available in vivid colors and rich fabrics. Here are a few of my favorite pairs of shoes from Sole House! I couldn’t help I ordered for some!


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