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Khushboo Doshi: Memory Design Studio

Written by Punya Haruray

Life is like a journey where every moment is like a step you take. The destination at the end of the journey is only half as exciting as the journey. But while you are at it, you forget that these steps you are taking will be the most important when you reach the destination. When you are setting up your business, tying a knot, becoming a parent, seeing your toddler grow, having fun with your friends, enjoying with your family, struggling with life’s hassles, achieving success, you forget to keep a record of it. Some may prefer to put up Facebook statuses, posts or put up pictures on social media but for others who don’t always want to share their life public, Khushboo Doshi provides a solutions with her memory books. Even for the social media bugs, it could be a good option to get memory books in the e-version and upload them!

“Behind every successful woman, there is an open minded family who trusted her and not the society” – a random post I came across on Facebook. To think of it, no girl, at least in India, can prosper or even think for herself if her family doesn’t support her. For the talented Khushboo Doshi, her family has stood by her side all through out!

Coming from a Gujarati family, business was in her blood, but rather than just make money, this fine lady wants people to make memories and she will help preserve them. Her parents were a bit worried as she was devoting a lot of time to preserve other people’s memories but supported her nonetheless as they knew that the creative genius inside wouldn’t have let her be.

Post her MBA, she joined her father’s business to take it to greater heights. This creative idea of capturing memories in a book form struck her when she had lost her grandfather and realized that she had no record, no pictures of the memories she had shared with him. Khushboo realized that this was not only her problem but of everybody around. She then started her venture of memory books alongside her business!

Khushboo has 2 people additionally to help her manage this venture of preserving people’s memories and plan to gradually expand it. Take a look at some of the memories she has helped preserve!

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Punya Bhandari Haruray is a 29 year old banker by profession and a blogger in free time! She is based out of Mumbai but originally from Delhi. She loves creative things and admires creative people. Her aim is to get as many creative people as possible on one platform both on an online and offline space.

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