Akanksha Sharma Soni- Makeup Artist

Akanksha Sharma Soni
Written by Punya Haruray

The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural, quite an oxymoron by Calvin Klein, but this quote is so apt when you think of an Indian wedding from a bride’s point of view. She has to look naturally pretty and have a bridal glow. But girls who are married would agree that in the midst of shopping, managing dates with your fiance, organizing your wedding functions right from the flowers, tent colors, choreographer to the food menu, how could one be possibly glowing? And not only that, you are also staying up late with your girls to enjoy the last few ‘single’ days or perhaps eating and drinking at the pre-wedding functions, the glow will go out of the window. You may think that the pre-bridal facial and massages will help you glow; they may help you relax but definitely not guarantee a glow on the D-Day.

Thus, you need the specialist who could make you look naturally glowing and beautiful! Akanksha Sharma is one such specialist who is certified by the Anu Kaushik Academy. She will make you look naturally beautiful and glowing using makeup of course. The best thing I like about Akanksha is her contouring skill! It is not over the top contouring but very aesthetically done makeup.

If you want a well-defined jaw line or highlight your cheekbones or if you have a fat face and worried about looking obnoxious in the tied up hair and dupatta on the head look, all you need is contouring makeup. Contouring is a makeup technique that can transform your looks to a great degree. Contouring makeup is highlighting what you want to show and low lighting the ones you don’t want to bring notice to. There are two shades of foundation that you use one darker than your skin tone for low lights and one brighter for highlights.  Akanksha does this fabulously well; makeup that can make you look irresistible on your special day.  Take a look at some of her work!

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