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Suhasini Maheshwari- Stationery by Sussie Graphics

Suhasini Maheshwari
Written by Punya Haruray

While researching for the stationery section for my blog, I came across a term called ‘Stationery Addicts’. Stationery addicts are people who derive pleasure by looking at stationery. Quite funny but even I as a kid was always fascinated of fancy stationery and loved going to the store to look at beautiful notebooks, fancy pencil boxes, sharpers, sticky notes etc. Even today when I see pretty diaries, sketch pens, fancy pencils, erasers, green & purple uniball pens, the kid in me hops, skips and jumps.

Suhasini Maheshwari quite agrees with me. She had a similar adoration for pretty looking things but she turned this fascination with stationery to a profitable venture. She took formal education in web and graphics designing and undertook various projects. She had to take a break as her family life took priority. However, the artist in her was kept alive by making pretty things for her kids like birthday invites, gift tags and gift envelopes. These were much appreciated by the kids, her friends and family. This paved the path for Suhasini to plan and start Sussie graphics.

She has a wide variety of graphically designed stuff ranging from diaries, pen holders, memo pads, folders, gift boxes, gift bags, money envelopes and so on. She has these in some of the most gorgeous floral and abstract designs  using both paper and cloth. Here is a glimpse of some of her best sellers.

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