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Anika Aggarwal Jaipuria- Stationery by Pink Palette

Anika Aggarwal Jaipuria
Written by Punya Haruray

Anika Jaipuria is a very soft spoken girl, based out of Delhi, making gorgeous gift wrapping paper. She was content being a homemaker and a full time mommy, but life had some other plans for this unassuming entrepreneur.

In words of Denis Waitley,  an American motivational writer, “what you make of your life is up to you. You have all the tools and resources you need. Your answers lie inside of you ” is quite apt for Anika. While she says that Pink Palette was an accident but behind these beautiful accidents there is a lot of hard work.

Her cute little daughter is quite a social butterfly and had many a party to attend, which meant that mommy dear had to arrange for the gifts. That’s when Anika realized that there were no such vendors who were making classy wrapping papers and other gifting stationery. So she took it upon her and started Pink Palette.

Today Pink Palette has grown to not only make personalized stationery for kids but also designing & creating stationery gifts for grown-ups! They have a wide range of personalized money envelopes, personalized wrapping papers,  gift tags and a whole lot more!

Do check out the stuff that Pink Palette has, I am sure the child inside you (or even the child outside for some of us) will yearn to buy some of these cute & fascinating things!

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