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Tanvi Gambhir: Dance Fitness with Tanvi

Written by Punya Haruray

Exercise is a word that has disgusted and haunted me since I was a kid. I belong to the clan of people who are inspired by Garfield (the cat who loves to eat and sleep). If my heart could speak it would have said that “Exercise is a waste of time”. And when I come across fitness freaks who love to talk about their workout, my inner voice says “that unless you fell off the treadmill and smacked your face, don’t tell me about your workout”! As much as I hate exercise, I love to Dance! Dancing leaves you happy and is anything but boring. Dancing is therapeutic! If you are a shy person, an introvert, lacking confidence, depressed, you can definitely dance your way out! Whether you are a dancer or have two left feet, you can take refuge in Dancing! These are, however, my personal views and people may think otherwise!

Anyway, I came across Tanvi, who hated sports and was anything but a fitness freak. At least that’s what I thought! She is a complete foodie and has a sweet tooth! And then I got to know that she is a zumba and Sh’bam instructor! For people who are as naïve as me, Zumba is a dance fitness program created by a Columbian dancer, Beto Perez, during 1990’s incorporating Latin rhythms. While Sh’bam (pronounced as Shibam) is patented dance fitness program by Les Mills and is structured on contemporary tracks. This concept fascinated me; it is creativity at its best! You can dance at the gym and it will be counted as a workout! Simply wow! This is like bringing together the best of both worlds!

Tanvi’s zumba and Sh’bam classes are full of jizz and entertainment. You can have fun while getting fit! Her choreography includes some good English dance tracks along with a few surprise elements in the form of Punjabi hip hop! She performs at Raahgiri and holds classes in Delhi (Hauz khas), Gurgaon and Noida alongside her free lancing assignments.

Here’s a glimpse of how fun her classes are!

tanvi 1tanvi2

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  • The energy that she packs in herself for her Zumba classes is contagious. Plus you get to hear about what’s happening in and around Delhi. Very supportive and definitely gets those steps coming from your side no matter how shy you are.

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