24th JULY 2019


A Woman’s best friend that brings a twinkle to the eyes as it is most loved sought after and treasured by virtually all is Jewellery!

No doubt Gold & Diamond jewellery is preferred by all and also regarded as an investment; it has with it a huge effort for safe keep as also a risk with regard to personal safety. Hence, unhindered use of the same is a NO-NO. Added to that today’s fashion trends have resulted in heavy and expenses precious jewellery only being used on very special occasions like weddings, etc.

The inclination of woman today is to prefer simple pieces which can be carried as office and party wear. Tastefully selected and well coordinated with the attire, a simple chain string can make a lot of difference to our entire personality.

A suggestive outline of some jewellery trends that have gained particular fondness in the daily life are shared as they offer unique mixtures of the modernity and traditions.

Lightweight Jewellery

Lightweight jewellery, the flavour of the season let’s women be themselves. It adds a deserved sparkle to the overall look and is beautiful. Jewels that give more with less are always welcome. Choose from dainty chains with fine pendants, dainty rings, and fine bracelets in either gold or silver. These work as very effective in daily use and adding exquisite embellishments can be stunning!

Tribal Jewellery

Innovation can be the key to elegance and being noticed. A huge scope exists to meet this end by creating newness and to buzz up the trends with tribal jewellery, specially the silver ones are most loved. These need no specific dressing up, it goes along possibly with all the outfits. More so the tribal jewellery has the potential to elevate any ethnic outfit’s style status. When it comes to necklaces choose styles that contain large beads, geometric shapes, or bold colored chokers. These can easily work as a statement piece to a plain white tee, and still create a elegant vibe.

Layering – stack your jewellery!

Simple additions and combinations can make all the difference. Mix metals, textures and stones; this creates a more natural and interesting feel. It doesn’t need to match perfectly! Stacking rings is a beautiful method to spruce up the fingers and can add a dash of uniqueness to the style. Stacked stud on the ears could be another trend setter to accentuate the ear lobes. Do consider the neckline while wearing layering necklaces, the simpler it is, the more decorative it looks. Generally speaking, wearing more neutral and plain colours when layering is best. It really makes the jewellery speak for itself.

Bold, Statement Jewellery

Another jewellery trend that is there to stay is statement jewellery. From large collar necklaces, tassel earrings and chunky stacker bracelets, they have been, and will remain, a strong jewellery trend. We are seeing jewellery made from fabric, wood, ceramics, anything….which is why the sky is the limit when one want to choose the ideal statement piece. Make a statement whichever way you want – a single chunky gemstone bead bracelet, or a few nicely stacked on your wrist; or a single statement ring;

Depending on the style of jewellery, we can create whatever look we want – chunky, bold or colourful jewellery for a more edgy, dramatic look, daintier gemstone and precious metal pieces for contemporary elegance, or leather and tassels for that always-desirable, boho-chic look.

It’s all about doing it the way that suits you, just use your creativity and constantly innovate to keep up the newness.

17th July 2019


“Mirror, Mirror don’t speak the truth as the bulges will make me bad to look.” Sad but the mirror only speaks the truth! Don’t be disheartened, the mirror may not oblige. A few simple wardrobe tweaks can do the trick to transform ones appearance to trim.

Our constant endeavour is to enhance how we look – much more than what we actually are.

Dressing right and by just a few simple adjustments to your wardrobe one surely can look smarter, younger and chic. Be conscious and refrain from trying to hide under oversized tops/ t-shirts/ dresses/ sweaters, as this can make you look shapeless and frumpy.

Some tips to help achieve the right cover up are compiled in the ensuing.

Vertical Zebra Print: Drop a dress size without hitting the gym thanks to clever stripes. A chic and modern print with vertical stripes elongates the body, making one look slim and tall. A jersey fabric would be great as it easily glides of the bumps to be hidden. Mismatched or angular directions and a mix of colors work best for a slimmer silhouette. A simple accessory like a plain black belt is great to top off the outfit and will flatter the waist line.

Kurta/ Tunics: If looking for something loose and comfortable, opt for kurtas/ tunics. They’re ideal because they look great with any body shape. They help in hiding the tummy bulge and can be accessorized with almost anything. A stylish summer look is best achieved by choosing a tunic with prints that adds a little zest to the ensemble. One can top it off with a great pair of sandals.

Clean, Streamlined Jeans: The way to go is to choose flattering styles with dark and unembellished pockets. Extra details catch the eye, giving an illusion of bulk so think twice about tags, grommets, or decorative. The leanest silhouette of all is boot cut and straight leg.

Dark and Light Combos: A great trick to use is to buy dresses that appear as if they’re two pieces. Get a dress that has a bright top like green or blue, and a dark bottom, preferably black. The bottom or “skirt” part of the dress may be high-waisted and accessorized with a slim belt to make the torso look narrow and hide the thighs.

Work a Monochrome Look: While black is always chic, but other dark colors are equally slimming. Give deep greens, reds, and blues a try; the monochrome look can create a long vertical line, making the body seem tall and lean.

Flare and Fit: A stylish yet simple answer for women wanting to look slim wearing a dress is to have the right amount of flare. A-line dress or skirt adds a perfect amount of volume to the lower body while also accentuating the waist. The ideal hemline for anything A-line is just above the knee.

Sport the Right Jacket: In general, jackets that are hip-length with tailored lines look sleek. Coats that are too baggy and long or that are too-tight across the chest are figure-flattery disasters. Steer clear of cropped jackets if you are trying to call attention away from the waist. Tapered, waist-length jackets always whittle the waist.

Choosing Prints: If one loves prints always be careful not to choose prints that are too big as they add more to the weight rather than making one look slim. Horizontal stripes are big a no-no.

Choosing Fabrics: Wearing dresses that are made of thin fabrics and darker in color will always make one look slim. Silk, satin, crepe and chiffon will never fail to make one look slim and lean.

Sleeve and Neck Styles: If top heavy avoid necklines that are too deep. They’re not flattering at all. V-necks, though not to deep, look much more flattering and slimming as they help elongate the neck. A Chinese collar too helps to create the same effect. Should there be likeness for collars, avoid making them too big. As far as the sleeves go its best to wear dresses that have three-quarter sleeves or full sleeves to hide the fat on the arms and shoulders.

Heels: The right shoes can really make an outfit pop and work wonders for the figure. Wearing heels is a well-known trick to appear taller and slimmer, but the type of heels can make a big difference. Stay away from chunky, open toe heels or those that have a strap around the ankle. These styles can both make calves look big. The best option is pointed heels, which make ankles look thin and elongate legs.

Accessorize: When wearing accessories like necklaces, opt for small beaded ones or simple feminine chains with pendants. Heavy necklaces only make one look tacky. A belt over a top or dress is always great as they cinch your waist and flatter your curves.

No matter what one wears, always ensure that it is comfortable. This is the most important thing when it comes to clothes and fashion. The style and the clothes one chooses reflects and affects our personality, mood, health and overall confidence.


Dated: 9th July 2019

Bonjour Monsoon!!

With pitter-patter raindrops falling on our head, it’s time to pack away those stilettoes, leather shoes, sheer tops and pastel-coloured shirts and bring out the waterproof sandals, capris and colourful umbrellas.

Monsoon brings along the much needed respite from the heat, but the season also throws a challenge at you when it comes to dressing up.

Best is to wear cotton kurta teamed ankle trousers or cigarette pants. Opt for colours like white, yellow and pink in cotton fabric. Wear soft cotton shoes as it’s muddy outside and these are washable. Humidity can make your hair go frizzy. A neat bun or a ponytail or a braid is a great way to keep it under control.

1. Wear light clothes

Although the sun remains hidden behind clouds, the humidity can be bothersome. So, it’s very important to choose breathable and comfortable fabrics. They help our skin to breathe and remain fresh, which is vital for fighting germs in this soggy season. During monsoon, it’s almost impossible to not get drenched in a sudden downpour when stepping outside. Hence, it is crucial that you choose fabrics that dry quickly & easily, like cotton, polyster and chiffon.

Avoid wearing clothes made of denim or silk, as they tend to take a lot to dry and even get ruined, especially silk.

2. Crop is the it-word for monsoon.

Go for short-hemmed outfits which do not hinder the mobility in the rainy showers. The advantage of crop tops, shorts and short to medium-length skirts is that they do not tend to get dirty in the rain.

Culottes, ankle trousers, playsuits, printed dresses, printed skirts, cigarettes pants make for the right bottoms which end a little above the ankle to avoid the occasional puddle.

Try flowery prints this weather, which will also add more dazzle to the wardrobe on rainy days.

3. Play with strong colours

To beat the heat we decked our wardrobes with lovely pristine whites, pastel pinks and somber greys. But, it’s best to lock away these soft shades for sunnier days because muddy streets can stain our pretty dresses. So, it’s best to stick to dark shades, like bright magenta and bold blues.

Drive away the monsoon blues by flaunting some bright shades like splendid pink, blue, orange and yellow are a perfect pick when combined with neutrals keep our spirits high and bright. For night parties, go for red or bright orange instead of the classic black.

4. Handy Handbags

We tend to carry our worlds with us in our handbags. But, monsoon is not the right time for that. While that is understandable, carrying a huge bag can get tedious in the rains, so keep it as minimal as possible.

It is essential to carry a handbag during the rainy season, stuffed with the like of wipes, make-up, umbrella, raincoat, plastic bag and waterproof essentials. Also, carry a mini mobile pouch that is waterproof.

5. Vibrant feet!

When it comes to footwear, wear vibrant flip flops and sandals. Light comfortable flip flops and jelly flats saves from the unpredictable puddles and muddy streets. They can be worn easily with almost any outfit.

Pick monsoon-perfect socks. Closed footwear should ideally be avoided in the monsoon. However, most of us don’t have the liberty to wear casual shoes at the workplace. If you are wearing closed footwear in monsoon, make sure to wear waterproof socks which will keep the feet dry and safe from bacterial infection.

6. Skincare

In the rainy season, skin care is very essential. It’s beneficial to stay hydrated and saturate your skin simultaneously. Get your hands on gel-based foundations and concealers as they will make our face look hydrated and even toned.

7. Don’t Cake your Makeup!

Applying makeup in the monsoon can be a big pain because of the humidity. So, it’s important to keep your makeup light and fresh. Opt for matte products and don’t go overboard with the foundation. Blend the beauty products well.

Avoid heavy makeup in monsoon as it might get sweaty and patchy. Use gel based primers and cream foundations as they even out the skin. For eyes, go for waterproof gel or liquid liners and avoid pencil liners as they tend to get smudgy in the rains. Apply matte based lipsticks or lip liners after dabbing your lips with a lip balm.

8.Tie your Tresses

Monsoon brings with it a bag of hair woes. And hence, we must protect our tresses the best we can. Opt for hairstyles like ponytails, braids and buns that prevent your hair from getting messy and damaged. They are comfortable and easy to maintain. You can even try different types of braids like fishtail, French braid and inverted braids for a chic look. High ponytails are also great for work. Also, avoid blow drying or styling your hair on a daily basis. Do regular deep conditioning to avoid frizz.

9. Make a statement with your umbrella:

Last but not the least, a nice and vibrant collection of umbrellas is a must have in monsoon.
The miniature and foldable varieties can be put in your bag easily as they are very compact. Bright coloured umbrellas are in this season. There are some with bright prints on transparent surfaces.

Surely enough these tips along with a hot cup of something or maybe even a chilled smoothie with hot appetizing snack-fritters our internationally famous Samosa, sitting by the window side can indeed be relaxing the lovely rain!!

03rd July 2019

KURTIZ- Merger of Style with Tradition

Hey Cool Cats! We are dedicating this week to the most amazing piece of clothing – Kurtiz. This is the most essential possession in the closet of each woman, irrespective of age, color, size.

The most favorite style statement to look chic in a traditional way combined vibrant colors, trendy prints and designs makes Kurtiz the most loved ethnic wear of India.

A great choice for every occasion – office, parties, family functions, outings and to top it all suitable for every body type.

Let’s check out some pretty designs of kurtiz according to latest trends of this year.

Asymmetric Kurti – A must have to keep up with fashion trends with hemlines having gone asymmetrical with a boho flavor, good to wear with heavy ethnic skirts, lots of bangles and heels to look absolutely stunning. These usually come without side slits and add to the aesthetics of the outfit.

High-Low kurti A variant of the asymmetrical style, having no definition but a straight hemline.

Suits-All body types young to middle aged women.
Team with- Leggings– full or ankle length or printed; Jeggings for Office or casual wear

Anarkali Kurti –A must have for grace and elegance and to give a ravishing look. Its best part is that it can either be dressed up or down depending on the fabric and embroidery.

Suits- All body types young to middle aged women.
Team with- Leggings – full or ankle length for office, college; Parties- Weddings, Kitty parties

Slit Kurti –Slits are in trend, on a floor length with a thigh-high slit, in front or the side adorned with minimal makeup and a messy bun thus taking the style quotient to the next level. The slit is perfect to garner enough attention and make it the centerpiece of our ensemble!

Suits – All age groups and body types
Team with – Leggings, linen pants, and palazzos on Parties or special occasions

Overlay Style Design – Multilayered, either embroidered or embellished layer to cover the inner transparent material. These come in flowing fabrics like chiffon and georgette and they are form fitting and flattering.

Suits – Petite, tall, hourglass, and inverted triangle body typed young to middle aged women
Team with– Culottes, linen pants, half or ankle length leggings for Parties or special occasions.

Tail-Cut Kurtiz – Similar to asymmetrical kurtiz, they are a little longer at the back. The style could include a longer cut on the sides in the hemline. They bump up our style instantly.

Suits – Tall, petite, hourglass, pear, and triangle shaped young and middle aged women
Team with – Leggings, Jeggings – anything full length for Parties and special occasions

Shirt Style Kurtiz – A fusion of shirts and kurtis is a nice break from the round neck lines found in abundance in all closets. A formal shirt like collar gives a smart look and can be worn as a dress too. Could also be styled in a more western way – throw on a jacket and add collar cuffs to it, to look absolutely fab!

Suits – All body typed young to middle-aged women
Team with – Jeans, leggings, jeggings or treggings for Office, college, daily wear.

Kurti With A Jacket – Adds an intriguing definition to the outfit and amps up the style in a flash. Can we worn as a dress too. Looks amazing with a mix of two separate patterns – Indian prints such as ajrakhs, dabu with other block prints.

Suits – Tall, pear, inverted triangle, and round body typed young to middle-aged women.
Team with – Leggings and palazzos for Office and party wear.

Angrakha Kurti -Enlivened once upon a time by the performers’ dresses, essentially has a major piece of the dress taken as a fold on the opposite side, decorated and decked up with pom-poms, tufts or anything.

Suits –All body typed young to middle-aged women.
Team with – Leggings or even palazzos if you can pull it off for Daily wear, parties, depending on the fabric and embroidery.

Flared Kurti– Swinging both ways are chic and elegant, suitable for both formal and daily wear set-up. The hemline opens up on both the sides, adding a little bounce to the outfit, and that’s what makes these attractive.

Suits – Tall women, pear, round and triangle shaped body typed young to middle-aged women.
Team with – Leggings, jeggings – anything full length for Office, college, daily wear.

Tunic Style Kurti – Touching the sweet spot between traditional and contemporary, sliding onto the body easily, sits effortlessly, giving a beautiful outline.

Suits – Petite, tall, hourglass, pear-shaped, round, and inverted triangle body typed young to
Team with – Culottes, chinos, half or ankle length leggings, jeggings for office, college or kitty parties.

Double Layered Kurti – Just like our regular straight cut or long kurtiz except the hemline has an additional layer. It adds an interesting definition to the aesthetics of the dress.

Suits – All body typed young to middle-aged women.
Team with – Leggings for Party wear or office, depending on the fabric and work on the kurti.

Long Straight Cut Kurti– Suit all occasion & personality making one stylish in a flash!

Suits – Tall, hourglass, pear-shaped, round and inverted triangle body types of all age groups.
Team with – Palazzos, leggings – full or ankle length.

Date: 26 June 2019

Color Trends For The Season

Hey Cool Cats! The sun is in no mood of shying away, so let’s make our wardrobes cooler with new shades to beat the heat.

As the sun gets brighter, so does our palette. Yellow is the most wanted colour du jour. Nobody shies away from the flaunting the bright-and-breezy orange this time of year. Even our blues, greens and pinks get a livelier and chirpier undertone.

The bright red-orange color “Fiesta” is the embodiment of passion and fire. Dynamic, active and energetic –easily associated with joy and fun.

The deep and intense shade of Jester Red is the
symbol of urban elegance and chic. It looks very rich
and noble – like an old expensive wine.

To add a few spices to the wardrobe – Turmeric the intense orange shade is not exactly the shade of orange, but it looks very much like it.

This wonderful spring color is warm, bright, full of
life and revealing, which is never enough. This coral
has a golden hue and a softer tone, great for casual

With Pink Peacock we move in the purple-pink shades. Pink generally embodies the spring-summer palette, where it is practically indelible.

Yellow-green “Pepper Stem” softens the
brightness of a fashionable palette. Calm and
natural, in the spring-summer closet it is “in the
right place”, it is a symbol of nature, spring and

This spring and summer color is just like the sun’s rays, illuminates everything around, giving a good mood and joy.

This brings freshness, coolness and depth to the
palette of fashion shades. A hue that simply does not
have to miss from the spring-summer palette 2019.

Toffee, we all love to eat as this brown is so warm and sweet. Wear it with black and white for subtle color game.

The golden yellow – just a little darker
and quieter promising a glimpse of pleasure
and pleasant sensations.

Another green shade – this time deeper and darker. It personifies the beauty of nature and the green of the leaves of a dense forest.

A light, soft and delicate pink hue combines two flowers –
lilac and lavender. This charms with its delicacy and


21st June 2019

Celebrating International Yoga Day

On this International Yoga Day, let’s talk about Yoga and how it helps in enhancing beauty – outer as well as inner. Yoga greatly aids in helping us look more youthful and radiant. An old adage “Age is just a Number” surely comes true for even those well into old age. Those who regularly practice yoga have a distinct glow that comes from within and radiates outward.

Yoga for Inner and Outer Beauty
Achieve true inner beauty as well as physical or outer beauty through regular Yoga! Be it excess weight or unwanted fat, gaining suppleness of the body as also flexibility to maintain proper body posture, all result in a more youthful being. Yoga helps in getting rid of toxins that accumulates in the body, i.e., Detoxification of the body, making our body healthy & happy. It likewise aids in improving blood circulation to provide that radiant glow to skin and hair.

Yoga aids the body in absorbing nutrients at the cellular level, consequently, helping all body organs to function at their best and lending a healthier glow not only to our face, but to the whole body. Talking of gains it also elevates the mood by greatly reducing stress levels, especially when done with proper pranayamas or breathing exercises.

Asanas to Enhance your beauty with Yoga
Some simple yoga asanas or postures that can be incorporated with pranayama yoga practice to get that youthful appearance.

*To attain soft, smooth, radiant, and wrinkle free skin: Start by standing straight and placing feet hip width apart. Continue by using palms for covering the face and breathing deeply and quickly 10 times. Continue breathing this way for 10 more counts while rubbing whole face with fingers, including the eye area. Rub from the chin going upwards to the forehead while continuing deep breathing.

*For a fat-free and flatter stomach: Begin by standing straight and placing feet hip width apart. Continue bending slowly forward trying to reach the toes using fingertips without knees bending. This may be difficult to do at first, so continued practice is a must. Once comfortable, then move on and attempt to reach the right toe with the left hand and vice versa, all the while keeping the knees straight. After mastering the second step, then try bending deeper forward and touching the ground with both the palms without your knees bending.

*To get that a curvier and slimmer waistline: Stand straight and place feet hip width apart. Next, spread the hands to the sides parallel to the floor and at shoulder level. Continue by turning the upper torso to the left side starting from waist up and facing behind as much as possible without straining the neck. Do the same on the right side and repeat 10 more times.

*Let’s not forget about those thighs that seem intent on following the laws of gravity as one age: Begin by standing straight, spreading the hands parallel to the floor, and pointing forward. Next, bend the knees and assume a medium squat position with the spine straight and thighs parallel to the floor. This yoga asana is like the ‘horse trance’ pose regularly practiced in martial arts. Do this for eight to ten times, try to hold the posture for at least three minutes.

So let’s begin today, on this special day, a journey to enhance our beauty with yoga while keeping our physical, mental, and spiritual states in their optimum condition. When we practice yoga regularly and eat healthy, we will see and feel the effects in no time at all.


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