15th January 2020

NECK TIES – The Universal Accessory

From a symbol of power to a fashion statement, the necktie defines the personality of its wearer. A man can wear a white shirt and black trousers and still look a little casual. It is a necktie that makes him look professional and sophisticated. When worn right, a tie can take even the most basic of looks up a couple notches.

Neckties, an essential part of formal office wear in most settings has come to be considered as an unofficial uniform along with a suit/ coat and a few good ties are a very important possession.

In this article, let’s discuss some in-tie-lligence on various types of ties and when to wear them.

The apron necktie is the most common of all neckties. It is a long piece of cloth that is pointed at both ends, one of which is larger and wider than the other. The tie can be tied into several different knots, some of which are considered more common or more acceptable in formal settings than others. These styles include the Windsor or the Half-Windsor knot, the Persian knot or the simple four in hand knot.

Another neck adornment is the Ascot necktie, worn under the dress shirt but over the undershirt. It covers a significant portion of the throat line below the chin and is knotted several times. It is worn looped over and is usually held in place with a scarf pin. A dressier variation is the Cravat.

Bow Ties are symmetrical ties, which are much smaller than neckties. They are narrow in the middle and wide at both ends. They are knotted in a way that they form bows with a small knot in the middle. They are worn at highly formal events like formal dinners, ceremonies, and celebrations. They are usually worn with tuxedos.

The Bolo Tie, very different to neck ties is essentially a chord or string, made of any material, with a metal piece attached that has the chord pass through it. These are considered as jewelry items and are widely available with luxury clasps and pins. They are a casual or informal item that is to be worn at celebratory occasions and not at formal meetings. Cowboys are notorious for wearing bolo ties.

A Skinny Tie is a necktie with its principal end much thinner than usual, measuring near 1.5 to 2.5 inches rather than the full 4 to 4.5 inches that a regular tie front end measures. The skinny tie can be worn at work as well as roaming the town. This shows youth as well as rebellion yet is classy and professional and can be worn on jeans for a stylish, but edgy look..

A Seven Fold Tie is a very thin and unlined tie that is made from an outer fabric which goes through seven folds. It can go over seven folds as well under some conditions and need not have a lining; it has an uncharacteristically thick finish and feel, compared to that of a regular tie. This type of tie is again great for the office or a formal event. Due to the material, these ties can be a bit pricey, so it may be one you pull out only for special occasions.

The Sailor Tie is a scarf or a black silk handkerchief, folded diagonally and is worn under the collar. It originated with sailors wearing scarves or handkerchiefs in a knot or pulled in through a strap in the blouse.

The Neckerchief is simply a variation of the scarf or handkerchief that one can tie around the neck. This can be worn by both men & women of all professions and walks of life and can be made through a makeshift handkerchief or scarf. It can be worn in a traditional knot and can be as tight or as loose as you desire.

Each style sends a different message and suits a different shirt collar and neck. There are tie knots for tall guys, short guys, big guys and skinny guys. We will discuss the various types of knots in the next article, so keep reading….


8th January 2020


One of the most favored accessories today for both women and men, scarves have transitioned into more of a fashion statement lately and wearing them in different ways can easily transform the entire look! These can even be tied in many ways including the pussy-cat bow, the square knot, the cowboy bib, the ascot knot, the loop, the necktie, and the gypsy kerchief. As an example adding a silk scarf to a pair of jeans and a tee transforms the outfit instantly.

Scarves have been worn since ancient times, it’s known usage dates back to the 9th Century BC. Ever since this one garment has kept evolving depending upon the usage whether climatic, religious and most importantly fashion.

A scarf, plural scarves, is a piece of fabric worn around the neck for warmth, sun protection, cleanliness, fashion, or religious reasons. They can be made in a variety of different materials such as wool, linen, cotton, silk, etc. There are even referred by various names: muffler, bandanna, shawl, stole, ascot, boa, kerchief, neckwear, wrapping.

One of the most commonly perceived differences between muffler and scarf is that scarves are called so when used by women while when used by men are referred as mufflers. Technically they are the same, a muffler is a kind of scarf worn around the neck to keep warm in cold weather.

The most basic of scarves are the one that are super long pieces of material that wrap around neck at least once. They’re usually rectangular and can be thick, thin, lace, knit, crochet, or really any style. They can have fringe on the ends, buttons, and even pockets!

An infinity scarf connected at both ends to make a circle is worn by twisting it once to make an infinity symbol.

Cowls are perfect for people who don’t like to fuss with scarves. They are often just big enough to fit over the head, and they commonly have a lot of drape.

A snood is a scarf which has a bonus feature: a hood! Snoods are great for super cold weather and can be worn under a jacket with the hood out for extra warmth.

A shawl (or a wrap) is a large piece of material that is wrapped around the shoulders. They are a kind of mini blanket, but fashionable.

Today’s fashionable men and women are constantly looking at putting this accessory to varied uses that not only act as protection but add to color, style and more than anything else make them look dapper.

In our next segment we will discuss in detail another neck wear i.e. the Tie. So keep reading….…


1st January 2020


Another year has come to an end, and another has just begun. So, now that the New Year is here, what resolutions are you going to make? Making New Year’s resolutions is a time-honoured tradition all around the world. We all hope for a better future.

Most common resolutions are:
1. Lose weight
2. Exercise more
3. Get organized
4. Learn a new skill or hobby
5. Live life to the fullest
6. Save more money / spend less money
7. Quit bad habits like smoking, drinking, etc.
8. Spend more time with family and friends
9. Travel more
10. Read more

According to research, only about 8 percent of us are successful in achieving them. Regardless of whether we achieved our previous resolutions, most of us go right ahead and make a new set of resolutions — hoping for the best.

To realise your New Year’s resolution this year, follow these steps:

Be Specific. The resolution should be absolutely clear. Making a concrete goal is really important rather than just vaguely saying ‘I want to…..’ For example “lose weight”, you must have a goal like: How much weight do you want to lose and at what time interval? Quantify your resolution; choose a goal within the realm of possibility, but yet challenging. Keep it relevant to priorities and goals. The timeline toward reaching your goal should be realistic, too.

Mentally prepare for change as changing ingrained habits is no easy task. Resolution may focus on areas that lack progress, savor the progress made, and find some small way to celebrate. Do the following to implement the changes:

• Stay positive
• Try not to make big/quick changes
• Change should be gradual
• Build on smaller changes
• Allow a little room for error

Set a goal that motivates. People often set goals that are not for themselves, these could be dictated or coerced by a manager, spouse, or parental/peer pressure. The resolution has a small chance of succeeding, if you don’t feel passionate enough about it.

The goal must be important to you and only you and that there is value or benefit for you in achieving the goal. Not only should you align around your inner-most desires, but you should also make sure the resolutions align around your top priorities. This will lead to a “must do” attitude.

Review resolution regularly. If you are not thinking about your resolution regularly, you are not going to follow through. Thus, a crucial part of realising your goal is a regular review. Do a weekly review to check progress on the monthly goal. It is the smaller incremental steps that lead to massive changes over the course of a single year.

Wishing all our readers a very happy, healthy and prosperous 2020. Hope you all get the strength to achieve your resolutions for the coming year, all the very best in advance. Cheerio!!

25th December 2019

Winter Workout Tips

Exercise is good for the body and mind, no matter the time of the year. It also helps ward off the winter blues, boost energy and prevent weight gain during this time of year most people add some extra layers.

Try these cold-weather fitness tips to stay safe, warm, lean and fit.

• Dress in layers to stay warm when working outside in the winters. Use a synthetic material for the first layer so that it will absorb sweat. Then, cover with layers of wool and fleece. Top off the layers with something waterproof. Avoid cotton as it gets wet easily.

• Wearing a hat in cold weather—especially when doing outdoor activities, like biking, running, and even on daily stroll—it is very important. Choose a hat made of a warm, breathable material that also protects the ears. Our hands are another body part that’s particularly vulnerable to frostbite, which means gloves are a must. The skin must also be covered to avoid too much sun or exposure to cold dry wind. Put sunscreen on areas that are not covered by clothing.

• A Warm-Up First is essential to minimise risks of sprains and strains and to prep for cold-weather workouts. Dynamic warm-ups increase blood flow and temperature in the muscles to help decrease the risk of injuries. The dynamic warm-up depends on the type of workout one is doing. Warming up usually implies a less strenuous form of exercise and should not be confused with static, bend and hold stretching, which are best saved until the end of workout.

• In cold weather, airway passages tend to narrow, making inhalation difficult. Breathing in through the nose helps warm-up and humidify air. This could also be achieved by wrapping a bandanna or scarf or another thin fabric layer around the mouth. This helps to trap water vapour in when one breathes out, keeping air moist.

• During the winter months with poor air and daunting temperatures it may not be possible to exercise outside. Ways to stay active, during this time include walking laps at the mall, a fitness class at the gym, community dance class, lifting weights, working out to a video at home, or even just dancing. The most important component of an exercise program is finding something that one enjoys. If one is having fun, it is more likely that they will stick with the particular exercise.

• Remain hydrated, even if you don’t feel thirsty, drink water. Carry a water bottle and take sips intermittently on occasion when working out.

Guard against change of frequent change of temperatures and even if a workout results in feeling, hot woollen should not be discarded as this may end up in undesired exposure and on set of cold, cough or a runny nose.

To stay healthy the workouts need coordinating with an appropriate diet, which we shall discuss in the next segment. So keep reading…..


18th December 2019


In winters, like the skin our hair are also exposed to unfavourable conditions. Problems like split ends, dry scalp, sheen-less hair and even dandruff ravage the hair in winters. It’s hard for the hair to retain moisture due to the dry and dreary conditions, making it brittle and prone to breaking and damage, not to mention the frizz and static that often comes with the winter wardrobe.

Here are some key tips and tricks to keep hair and scalp healthy during winters.

Dandruff during winters appears due to reduced frequency of shampooing resulting in the sebum collecting on the scalp and flaking causing inflammation on the scalp. To counter this, useful is the “repeat” direction in “wash, rinse, and repeat”. The first washing breaks the waxy sebum and the second helps rinse it all away.

To prevent breakage or other damage, avoid blow-drying and brushing hair when wet because those locks are most delicate when waterlogged. If strands are really parched, comb hair with a few drops of olive oil and a wide-tooth comb after showering.

Retain healthy hair by applying hot pure coconut oil on the scalp and hair ends. Wrap a hot towel and let it stay for some time. Next morning, wash hair with a mild herbal shampoo.

Deep conditioning is a must during winter. Use a thick, creamy deep conditioner, and beware—no shortcuts in the process. It is the entire process that nourishes the hair fibres, keeps them moisturized, and soft to touch. Shampoo your hair, apply the deep conditioner on your hair. Dip the towel in the water, wring it, and cover your hair with it. Cover the towel with the shower cap and keep it on until you can feel the heat in it. Repeat the process at least twice, and then rinse off the conditioner. Steaming enables hair to absorb the conditioner much better.

It might be tempting in the colder months to turn the water temperature up, but try to avoid washing hair in very hot water – use warm or tepid water to avoid damage. Hot water can dry out hair and damage the delicate skin on the scalp, which may be extra sensitive during the winter.

Eat food rich in Omega-3 fatty acids to keep hair shiny and help it grow. Citrus fruits and dark leafy greens are excellent sources of Vitamin C, its antioxidant properties protect against split ends and breakage and keep hair healthy and voluminous.

Besides, the hair care tricks in the foregoing, some tips to follow are:

• Invest in a good shampoo which is infused with natural ingredients and make sure it is sulphate-free.
• Don’t go out with wet hair.
• Use a serum to make your hair manageable and add sheen.
• Wear a hat, beanie or a hooded jacket whenever you go outside to protect hair from cold dry air and harsh weather. Wear a satin lined cap to reduce frizz.

The mantra for well groomed hair is to eat a balanced diet, stay hydrated and moisturised to protect from the winters.


Skin Protection in Winter

The shift to cooler temperatures is always welcome, but the flip side of crisp, cool winters is the need to change the way we take care of ourselves. Cold air, nippy winds, and low humidity take a toll on skin. Dryness leading to dull skin, an itchy scalp, and cracked feet and hands not only cause discomfort, but also affect our self-esteem.

Skin, designed to protect from infections, illness and allergens, there is a need to insulate from the drying climate, and no better time to start than now. So pamper the skin with these useful tips:

• Keep the skin always moisturised, Choose from cream-based cleansers and apply toners and astringents sparingly, if at all. Many astringents contain alcohol, which can further dry the skin. Therefore, stop using products that contain alcohol and fragrances in order to help skin retain its natural oils. Switch to a milder face wash and a thicker moisturiser. At night, use a richer moisturiser on face.

• If hands are very dry, use cream instead of lotion because the former has a higher oil-to-water ratio. To really rehab the skin on hands, use very thick hand cream right before bed. Add some sugar to lemon juice and use the mixture to scrub the hands. It has a softening effect. Massage cream on the hands soon after bathing and washing clothes.

• Exfoliate for excellent skin, it will not only take off the dry, dead skin cells, but also help regenerate new ones. Use natural, exfoliating scrubs like this yummy-smelling geranium and orange peel scrub or try using just ingredients from the kitchen.

• Apply a moisturising lip balm while doing the rest of skin care routine. Before going outside apply some Vaseline/petroleum jelly to the lips, as this creates a protective barrier between the cold air and lips thereby, locking in moisture.

• Feet require some stronger stuff like lotions that contain petroleum jelly or glycerine. Exfoliate the skin on feet occasionally so that it can absorb the moisturiser easily.

• Homemade hydrating masks provide needed moisture in winter months. Use natural moisturising ingredients like honey, avocado, yogurt, olive and jojoba oils, almond oil, bananas, and aloe. Mix what you like together to create a cream or paste, and leave on skin for 10-30 minutes for lasting hydration.

• Winters are a time to look good and make-up contributes a lot in looking good. Make-up should be done in a different way in winters. Before applying base, skin should be well moisturised. A mineral or cream base make-up can be done on the top of that. Last but not the least; one shouldn’t ignore a sunscreen to avoid harmful rays.

• Eat Vitamin C-rich products, such as citrus fruit and dark, leafy greens to help boost the body’s production of collagen, a protein that maintains skin and other connective tissues.

• We tend to drink less water in winter because we turn to hot drinks like cocoa and tea. Don’t forget that your skin needs hydration inside out and so a little warm water with lemon can be very refreshing and hydrating at the same time.

Hope you find the tips useful, we will be sharing some tips on maintaining the crowning glory in the next segment so keep reading!!


4th December 2019


Winter Accessories

With winters approaching faster than we realise, it’s time to accept that we need winter-worthy accessories. The best thing about accessories is that it takes much less than creating an entirely on-trend outfit. Accessories have the power to in still newness, deliver hits of personality, and amplify whatever you’re wearing. In fact, that’s their whole point. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to take them too seriously.

Some accessories required to beat the chill this winter are discussed in this blog.

Scarves whether woollen or silk are the most functional and must-have accessory for cold days.There’s no cold weather accessory more essential than a cosy, comfortable, and versatile scarf. From the oversized style that maximises warmth to a classic plaid design that adds an air of elegance to your outfit, scarves can add an entirely new element to your outwear ensemble. The prints can range from geometric hound’s tooth print to animal prints even stripes or blocks, etc.

Winter Boots, thanks to designers, who are making the winter boots trendier than ever before. From faux fur details to colorful laces and platform soles, one can finally feel FASHION even in the snow boots now. Boots with shearling accents makes this winter’s coziest boot trend whether over-the-knee or ankle boot forms are ideal for adding both extra warmth and luxe detailing. Adding a little animal print to the look, will make any look pop.

Cap & Hats– Popping on a beanie (a knitted winter hat) is usually the go-to choice for protecting the head and ears as the weather gets cold. These hats are suited for everyone, but it’s undeniable that they are as casual as can be. The knitted caps are all dressed up this season, to become a high fashion item. The black beret decorated with shiny, beaded embroidery, gives the hat a feminine touch. Instead of being worn traditionally, the berets can be styled to sit high on the forehead and obscure the hairline. If you like experimenting with style, try chevron pattern woollen pompom winter caps, this pompom style hand-knitted woollen cap will keep you warm and be comfortable.

Poncho is that piece of clothing that looks creative and very special. This beautiful outerwear garment works with completely everything. Both printed and solid colour designs are suitable for both professional and formal attire. One can choose either cowl neck, V-neck, turtleneck, boat or crew-neck styles. If you want to elongate your height, then you should buy poncho that falls no lower than several centimetre above the knee. If you are a petite girl, then you better avoid long ponchos, as they can make you look smaller.

Flared Jeans are back. Pair flares with a classic Western boot or a modern, chunky platform for sky-high height — perfect for floor-skimming styles or even some knee-high boots for a chic look.

Cold air might be soothing from the summer heat but is a havoc on our skin and hair as it has less moisture than warm air. When the elements have less humidity, hair and skin lose moisture, so in the upcoming segment we will discuss some tips for taking care of skin and hair.

Enjoy the Chill and keep reading!!


27th November 2019


Winter Outerwear

Nothing beats the thrill of a new season’s wardrobe. Boots, bags, scarves and thick knits are all fun and games but, the real sartorial riot happens with outerwear – the coat or the jacket; as it has the ability to smarten you up, lift outfits and, most importantly, keep one warm.

When choosing a coat, whether a puffer, trench, teddy or a jacket, look for an option that is not only cute, comfortable but also warm. If petite, a long coat could swamp you, so think about shorter styles like pea-coats and mid-length coats. Conversely, if taller, longer styles are a couple of safe options.

Trench Coat is an investment piece as it is formal enough as also casual to be a party dress. To set the trench apart, look for a design with a statement collar for extra impact. Looks elegant with knee high boots. It makes one look effortlessly stylish and glamorous.

The Teddy Coat ticks all the right boxes: smart, warm and most of all comforting. It’s appeal lies in how soft it is that one simply want to snuggle into it. Perfect for a brunch-date and does well for the weekend roaming around. It’s also a really cool winter coat option, especially when styled with bucket hat and chunky trainers. Wear it oversize as the style of this coat is all about having maximum swagger.

The Faux Fur Coat practically radiates luxury and is an ultimate party coat. It’s versatile, coming in many shapes ranging from full length overcoats, to cropped bomber jackets and smart pea-coats. To add more, animal print styles reinforce the feline appeal of this coat. Dress it up with heels and a sexy little black dress for a night out, or wear it for a casual date with high waist jeans and retro loafers. It’s perfect for when you need to wear something warm and cozy for an evening out or a special occasion.

An Overcoat is literally what it says, something to wear over your clothes to keep you warm and protected from the elements. Overcoats generally sit below the knee, although they can go down to your ankles.

The Blazers are no longer boring and restricted to formal events only. Today they come in endless colors, cuts, prints, and fabrics that you can pull off at any given occasion. Wear it with a button-down shirt or your favorite jeans.

The Denim Jacketthat makes you look cool instantly has been around forever. The best thing about a jean jacket is that there are seemingly limitless options. If you already have a lighter denim favorite, opt for a darker wash.

Bomber Jackets look good with gym clothes but still chic to wear on a date night. It comes in almost all type of fabric whether velvet, satin as also in every shade that you can think of.

Puffer Jackets are both functional and fashionable. Super lightweight they provide the kind of warmness you feel only when a hot cup of coffee is in your hands. The puffers come in four different lengths and a vest version in addition to many different colors and prints.

The options in coats and jackets are huge. The entire look transforms with slight variations in length, collar and even fabric. So be comfortable and confident in what you wear and enjoy the chill.

In the next segment we will discuss the accessories that we can add to our look to look chic an at the same time save from the winter chill.

20th November 2019



An array of snuggly winter knit sweaters can help you stay warm and at the same time stay stylish. So the time has arrived with colder temperatures to celebrate cozy fall sweaters.

Pullovers, sweaters, cardigans and other woolen knit wear are a quintessential part of winters. While each may have a different connotation for different people, regions and geography, a cardigan is a basic knit wear with long sleeves and buttons down the front. It may be collarless with a round neck or V-neck design, in solid colors or designed with a pattern.

Amongst the variants, a Crew Neck sweater is a basic round neck and good for both men and women. Crew necks flatter most body types, and also offer top-notch comfort. A basic, but classic look it behooves everyone to have at least one of these in the closet.

Shawl Collar Sweaters are loose fitting and have over-sized features, including large buttons, large pockets, and large patches on the elbows. They are usually made of woolen fibre to keep one extra warm and are extremely comfortable as well.

Turtlenecks, also known as polo necks, mock necks, skivvies, and so forth is a sweater with a high rolled collar that is turned down and covers some or most parts of the neck. A traditional polo neck or turtleneck is always folded over and is very slim fitting on the body.

Half Zip Sweaters are similar to turtlenecks in the way they look, but have a small opening of zippers or buttons that make them easy to take off. They come in a variety of necklines and are amongst the coolest casuals for winters. Super comfy and cozy, there is just nothing as comfortable as this pullover.

V-neck sweaters, usually a button-down sweater is also known as the boyfriend sweater. It goes well with both casual and dressy occasions, especially because it comes in such a wide selection of textures and colors. It is also an oversized sweater that is both comfortable and flattering.

Raglan Sleeve Sweaters have sleeves in one continuous piece of fabric and has no joints of separate pieces until you get to the neck. A typical baseball shirt is a perfect example of a raglan sleeve.

Wrap Cable Knit Cardigan is a simple feminine wrap top that can be worn from the office to a date at night.

Snuggly Sweater is a warm, comfy yet extremely refined wool sweater for those who feel cold. It is light-toned, slightly on the neutral side of the color palette, meaning that one could pair it with anything.

With the chill rising, our next segment, we carry you through different types of jackets to keep you warm and look chic and trendy this beautiful winter. Cheerio for now!!

13th November 2019



Winter is not just a season of low temperatures but a time for festivities linking very well with bonfires, hot drinks, shopping and outings. It’s time to unwrap the heavier clothing kept away in trunks.

The winter season is perfect to become trendy and fashionable as you can make your own style by using different outfits to make one stand out attire. Sweat not being a problem and the air being cooler, a variety of clothes can be tried, automatically making dressing an enjoyable experience.

Layering is a great way to stay stylish and comfortable and to combat fluctuating temperatures – morning chills, the cool evenings and a warm afternoon. By stylishly wearing layers, one can shed or add as the day requires and remain fashionable.

Tone down the bright, summery Colors and make way for deeper colors. Pair the light colored tops with black or gray trousers and jeans to make the outfit more fall-appropriate. Dark colors are more suitable for the fall, preference may be given to:
•Burgundies, navies, gold, bronze, dark reds, dark oranges and plums.
•Neutral colors such as browns, grays, and blacks.
•Earth tones, such as browns, tans, beiges, forest greens, dark greens, and olive greens.

Jackets, blazers, sweaters & coats are the ultimate statement-making clothes, in the fall. They can make a huge impact on the overall appearance. Acquiring several good quality jackets or coats make for having a new awesome look each day.

Capes this season in one trendiest wear, the oversized outerwear were seen on the ramps of Céline, Burberry, and Oscar de la Renta, among others. It’s the fashion-girl alternative to a trench coat or denim jacket. A velvet cape works well for a luxurious look.

Animal prints take over this season with bold and wild prints. Loud leopard print, particularly on pants, coats, dresses, suit etc., strong and striking designs with bold and bright colors are so in this season. Alternatively, consider an all-over leopard print look with matching separates or a dress/jumpsuit. Add a leopard print bag or shoes to give a playful look.

Add a functional accessory to upgrade the look, Scarves comes very handy for that. They’re a great way to add a splash of color to the outfit while keeping your neck and shoulders warm. This way, you can still wear your lighter clothes without feeling uncomfortable.

Besides Scarves, Hats or Caps can be other investments. Beanies and berets will look especially fabulous with the fall outfits. They’re amazing for keeping the head warm while boosting the overall look.

Open-toe booties a hybrid of a sandal & boot look elegant. These can be worn with or without socks and are perfect for this time of the season. The snake print is also trending in footwear.

Let’s explore the winters together, we will bring more warmth to the blog by adding another range of woollen trends in the next segments.

6th November 2019



Wedding Dressing – Choices for Men

Over are days when men’s wedding dresses were limited to Safaris, Kurtas or Beige & Gold Sherwanis, Courtesy progressive Indian designers today men have many outfit options. Understandably men too pay a lot of attention to their wear and accessorizing it.

The modern men experiment to put up a great outfit that will not only make them look amazing but attract all the attention and make them stand apart from the crowd. Unconventional Sherwanis, Achkans, Angrakhas to experimental outfits, Tuxedos & Bandhgalas with extended silhouettes there are gobs of choices.

In terms of suggestions occasions like Haldi, Sangeet or the Baraat, it would be appropriate for men to dress in ethnic wear -bright and warm coloured kurtas, sherwani, pathani suits. A western style dress up would be best for a Reception party.

Some stylish and latest wedding dresses for men would include:

A simple Printed Floral Jacket/ Waistcoat as floral are in this season. To make a style statement choose something simple yet chic and pair it with elegant Jodhpuri Pants or wear a floral printed waistcoat over a plain comfortable Kurta Pyajama. This ensemble is perfect teamed Mojadi/synthetic Mojadi/Punjabi Jutti.

A bright and bold colored Kurta with a Nehru Jacket will be a yes for a Mehndi or Haldi. What better than a bright banana yellow Kurta teamed up with a well-fitted Nehru jacket. The familiar kurta worn the same way every time could be spiced up pairing it with a comfy jean. Another option to embrace traditional clothing at ceremonies wear a pre stitched dhoti with a bright colored medium knee length kurta as its very unique and not all men have the confidence to carry this amazing traditional teaming of a kurta and a dhothi !

Bandhgala amongst the oldest Indo-western wear could be a perfect Fusion. It is an elegant choice as a wedding reception dress for men. Tailored to perfection and paired with designer pants or a long one with chudidar pants. A floral embroidered bandhgala jacket over a white kurta-pyjama could also be the ultimate stylish designer wedding suit.

Nothing beats the beauty of A gold embroidered Sherwani when it comes to mens wear for the D-day, accessorize it with a brooch, pocket square, jewellery or safa! For the classic look that’s simple yet traditional go for the red and ivory sherwani. A slight twist can be given to the classic sherwani by adding a fun drape element at the hem.

An engagement, pre-wedding occasion or a reception can be just right for A Tuxedo/ Suit. One can never go wrong with a black tuxedo!Nail a glamorous look by donning a checkered print suit or even a turquoise suit with a white shirt coupled with nude loafers if a fun evening celebration. Honeycomb textured navy blue suit with velvet lapels & buttons is both timeless and elegant as well. Single-breasted casual tuxedo suit can also be a good choice.

Always dress smartly and decently.You can always experiment with fashion and style till, you are confident and comfortable wearing it. The ultimate guide to decide the richness in dressing depends on the relationship with the bride or groom.


30th October 2019



The Diwali celebratory mood is soon peeping into the coming wedding season. Therefore, one needs to prepare for more celebrations and parties, surely requiring a lot of dressing up for Mehendis, Sangeets, Cocktails, Sagans and the D-day as also many other parties.

The bar has already been set very high with all the last year’s celebrity wedding, so we bring to you some ideas for females dressing to shine bright at these functions.

Gowns, whether for a wedding reception or formal functions, are one of the latest & popular dresses. Very modern in style, these can be designed as Indian, western or even a fusion, as one desires. This look gets enhanced by just adding a pair of fine dangler earrings and high heels.

A Pantsuit is a perfect combination of traditional and modern day attire. The traditional elements originating from the Salwar/Churidar Suits, design modifications make it look modern.
Accessorise this look with a pair of chandelier earrings and nothing more.

Cape Sleeves are trendy as they make a dress dreamier. This dress brings another added advantage is that it need not be too heavy to look good enough for a wedding. Just pair this with nice earrings and maybe a choker necklace.

An Anarkali is another classic dress. The cut and the fabric can make all the difference to this simple yet elegant dress. To spruce this up wear a pair of chandelier earrings and a light necklace.

A relatively heavier marriage function dress could be A Lehenga Suit-a more extravagant style. A marvellous outfit for winter weddings depending on its cut and style, best worn on the D-day, be it the bride or a close relative. The outfit is complete with a pair of high heels, and dangling earrings. A matching necklace finishes the whole look.

For a more casual look go for A Crop Top & Skirt. It does not look as formal as a lehenga but blends in perfectly for marriage functions. Try pastel colours, or go with one bold and one light colour to create a stunning effect. This dress should be accessorised with statement pieces to make the outfit even more amazing.

Another unconventional but beautiful marriage function dress is A Dhoti. A dhoti outfit turns people’s heads, as a woman looks fashionable and chic in it. Wear it in pastel or light colours to give a whimsical effect to the dress. Fancy headgear and a statement necklace are good enough with it to rock the function.

The list is incomplete if A Saree is not included. It is prominent through almost all Indian cultures, the wearer looking elegant and stylish, it does not matter what age height or weight you are as it is never a wrong choice. The options for accessories with a saree are limitless they can be fine tuned to the required level of dressing up.

This list though not exhaustive it still gives a good idea as to what choices can be made for different events. Don’t be shy to experiment with anything new that you see, as weddings are all about colours, designs, outfits, etc. So just have fun and party hard.

23rd October 2019



Festivals time dressing up is something we all love. Options are infinite with the development of fashion today. Decking up in ethnic attire could well be in the ever universal sarees, lehengas, heavy suits and what have you. The Indo-western attire present other options like gowns, dresses, crop tops with dhoti pants, etc. Each can be appropriately chosen whether for a family get together, a formal celebrative do, office or friend’s Diwali party.

Sarees, the tradition wear are most preferred for Diwali. Options are limitless and one can choose from heavy Banarasi to Brocade, sheer, plain with zari border, chanderi, handloom etc., etc. Pallus with long trains on designer sarees always make a statement at parties. To sport this classic trend, wear them with heavily adorned, contrasting or matching blouses.

Festive Lehengas with shirt top combination offer comfort and style like nothing else. A simple and solid lehenga with a top in a subtle color can be complemented with just a choker necklace and a clutch. The jacket and lehenga skirt combo is another way of wearing the ethnic lehengas to set the Diwali mood ablaze. With varying lengths and materials to choose from, this head-turning outfit can be paired with some statement earrings or a classic maang-tika.

The another trending traditional outfit is Kurti with Palazzo Pants Set, perfect and best option for Diwali. Go for pastel or earthy tone like ivory, beige, powder blue or mustard yellow kurta – palazzo set with dupatta that compliments your outfit. Make sure your kurta set is not very simple or too heavy, go for a subtle one, which blends for the occasion as well as is comfortable to handle. Accessorize with some beach waves hair style and dark eyes while keeping the jewellery bare minimum.

Kaftan Kurti with fitted pants or an Asymmetrical kurti with a pair of pastel palazzos or straight cut cigarette pants are a plethora of options to choose from.

A Sharara Suit with light color, is the dress to show up in this Diwali. Combine this get-up with a statement jewellery like a pair of chandbali, jhumkas etc., and opt for smoky eyes to bring out the diva in you.

For the more experimenting types, Jump suit is one the most popular kind of indo western dress choice for parties. It is something different yet stylish and looks graceful.

Maxi Dresses are something that never fails to work up in festive season. They can be carried off elegantly by ladies of all sizes. They have the flair, the style and yet are the outfits with which anybody could pull out the desi-girl look.

Surely the suggestions will help to create your own chic and comfortable look to rock the festive spirit. Just remember to choose an outfit that is flattering for your body type. Select accessories carefully to compliment attire depending on the nature of the party.

We wish you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali!!

16th October 2019



Soon we will be immersed with festivities, celebrations, get-togethers, food, fun and exchange of gifts. This would be a suitable time to re-invent wardrobes and wear trendy and different apparel.

Fusion wear has come to be contemporary fashion. A savior, to jerk out of the fashion rut and create a touch of that ‘extra something’ in simple outfits can do very well to brighten our look. The festive season is the time to play with fashion, including footwear, make-up, accessories and other adornments.

The richness of the festival can be matched by searching out fabrics like sheer metallic, mirrored blouses or beady sequins tops coordinated with some lightweight block printed dresses, skirts and kurtas. The elegance and enchanting charm of gold foil with block printing in floral and geometrical prints captivates the eye, zari and stone work can be an add-on.

Nothing spreads festive cheer better than bright outfits. Experimenting with colors whether a neon choli or a bright pink skirt can give a never before look. Pair a vibrant-colored kurti with subdued lowers, bright danglers or feather earrings with a simple outfit can make it elegant.

Ethnic attires are incomplete if not accessorized with alluring jewellery such as gold and stones. Go easy on gold and try fusion jewellery that gives classy and a stylish look. Go for oxidised metallic jewellery which enhances the dress, or a colored choker that would look chic and stylish with deep round necks.

Team up smartly by mixing and matching according to body type. Jodhpuri’s with crop tops would look great on tall women, and crop tops with flowing skirts look nice on petite ones. One can also wear a bright long kurti with a soothing colored palazzo accompanied by a jacket or a short slit kurta with dhoti.

Makeup should complement the outfit. If clothes are subtle, brighten up with dark eye shadow and lip colors. Or add a pop of cheeriness to with a bright pink or red lip color. Try different hairstyles to match the festive look.

Footwear either makes or breaks the entire look. Stilettoes and T-strap heels in gold and metallic shades like bronze, pewter add a glam look to the festive ensemble. With umpteen options like, kitten heels, block heels, chunky heels, wedges and flats to choose from; it is always advisable to pair ethnic ensembles with something that is comfortable and complements the outfit.

Box clutches with embroidery or crystal detailing goes well with ethnic attire, as they serve as a festive accessory without taking away from the look of the season. For handbags, patent leather handbags with bright sheen suit well.

Indian Wear has a large number of varieties for women – wear like saris, suits, lehengas and so on and festive wear needs all these ethnic outfits with some enhancements of western touch and designer outlooks.

In our next segment we will share more ideas to dress up for this festive season.

9th October 2019



In the last segment
We shared some basic rules for selecting attire for attending an interview and the same being dependent upon the organization. Now we move a step further and talk about choices available for men and women in this attire type.

Men’s fashion is relatively straightforward. Using a few basic pieces, it’s easy to put together an outfit that is stylish, professional, and tasteful. A formal look is always a good choice for all types of interviews.

So first we talk about the attire which suits both.

A Navy Blue Blazer Combination is a staple combination that can be worn with khaki pants, a khaki skirt, and even dark-wash jeans in a casual workplace or to a casual interview.

A Khaki Mix and Match Suit a menswear-inspired combination is an extremely versatile piece to have in the wardrobe. Wear it with a button-down shirt or blouse.

A Dress Shirt paired with Trousers are highly versatile and can be paired with a button down shirt which can be another good choice for the interview.

A V-Neck Sweater and Pants paired with a blouse or a button-down shirt works well for a versatile casual look suitable for middle level or junior positions.

While that majorly sums up the Men’s corner, now we take a look at the Women’s corner:

For traditional or a formal look, choose between a well-fitted traditional Indian suit or a saree in solid or pastel colors

For a more corporate look choose from the options listed below:

Pantsuit: A dark or pastel colored pantsuit with light colored shirt makes for a classy interview dressing.

Shirt/Top: Full-sleeved or half-sleeved shirt or top with a knee-length pencil skirt is acceptable as professional dress code. Choose light and pastel shades for shirt/top with minimal print.

Formal dress: A well-fitted, knee-length dress in straight style is also a good option for female candidates.

Accessories, Hair styles etc. have already been appropriately covered earlier in this blogs and need to be inline on the professional side. Avoid flashy colors, fabrics and accessories. The main focus of the dressing should be to look professional, so keep that in mind and be confident then the success is yours to enjoy.

Our focus hereafter, considering the festive season is approaching, will shift from the corporate world to dressing for the social world. So please prepare yourself to read all about what to wear this festive season to look magnificent.

2nd October 2019



A job interview is an opportunity to make a great first impression. A pulled-together outfit can help demonstrate professionalism leading to success.

One must ensure well in advance of the interview, the appropriateness of the attire and everything fits correctly. Well-groomed with clean, un-tattered clothes is important and should be checked and ready a night before, including the polish on the shoes.

The best outfit for a job interview largely depends on the type of job and company. It’s best that while researching about the company, try to find out their dress code or ask the person who schedules the interview about appropriate attire because what you wear may affect the chances of being hired, as well as potential for advancement within the company. Suitable variation would be required for a company with a formal dress code, a casual startup or for an informal summer job or internship.

Normally, formal dress codes are appropriate for a middle or senior position in the banking, financial services, telecom industries etc., as formal outfits, reflect a person’s strong leadership trait and also exhibits seriousness towards the company and the interviewer.

A suit jacket, trouser with shirt and a tie are considered customary for men. For the women, a blouse and dress pants or a statement dress are considered the norm. Avoid anything too bright or flashy that will distract the hiring manager.

Casual Business Interview Attire
This works in the case of the workplace or the job being less formal. Informal work environments are common to IT sector, call centre, etc. Business casual outfits are less formal than a suit, but they are also more professional and polished than, say, a t-shirt and shorts or a sundress and sandals.

Always dress a bit more professional than the average employee at the company. If everyone is wearing shorts and t-shirts, for example, you might wear khakis and a polo shirt or button down.

Interview Attire for Start-ups
If the interview is at a start-up company, rather than showing up in a black suit and dress shoes, opt for something that is relaxed but still presentable: relaxed-fit khakis, dark-wash jeans, and a nice top.

Interview Attire for Internship
Making a great first impression – coming across as polished, professional and attentive – is important when it comes to your internship search. While being totally out of place could be a grave risk, it would be a safe bet to avoid extremes. Hence, without being too casual informal attire – a dress shirt and casual trousers for both men and women or a not too formal skirt for women should do well.

It is important to remember that interview dress code for males and females vary greatly depends upon factors like location, industry, and company and this we shall discuss in the next segment, so keep reading…


25th September 2019



To conclude on what we have been dwelling with regard to Business attire both Formal & Casual for both HIM and HER needs recapitulation. The key guiding tips to keep in mind are:

• Business clothing essential pieces should be in neutral colors: black, gray, navy, brown, beige, and white. Add on pops of color allow to bring some life and personality to office outfits.
• Formal clothing should be as per tradition norms and diluted by sprinkling of color or unorthodox flamboyance.
• The accessories, make-up and even the aromas should be subtle, elegant and conservative.
• Unkempt, untidy look or wrinkled attire cannot in any case be regarded well and appropriate both for formal and causal requirements.
• It is best to follow conventions than risk departing from established norms by carelessly ignoring the Do’s.

On the Business Casual Wear – Friday dressing let’s revisit the points which we should keep in mind before selecting the attire. Should any of the under mentioned events be anticipated casual wear has to be totally forgotten:

• An important meeting with clients or customers outside your normal range of duties
• A meeting with a manager or executive in the organization
• Attending a board or committee meeting
• During work-related events, conferences, and symposiums
• Representing your company in the media or speaking at an event
• Interviewing for a position or negotiating a raise with your employer
• NEVER wear business casual to a job interview.

Always keep in mind that business Casuals are not the clothes that you might wear to the beach, to yoga class, or to run errands. Conversely, sportswear or other casual wear are surely not acceptable as business casual wear.

In the next segment we would discuss in detail appropriate dressing for Job Interview, so keep reading……


18th September 2019



Continuing our quest for better understanding of Business Casual wear, we now focus on WOMEN. Deciphering this can be a little difficult in today’s work environment.

It would be best to enhance the understanding through a few examples of clothing that women can use in mixing and matching their business casual outfit:

• Pants Or Skirts are an obvious choice and the first option for most women in the workplace. Make sure that they fit well, are wrinkle-free and without frayed hems or ripped seams. Khaki, corduroy, twill or cottons are the best fabric choices.

• Blouses or Tops, tastefully selected in pretty colors should complement the skin tone, eyes and hair color. Pastels, jewel tones, plaids, muted florals, and prints – paisley, geometric, polka dot, ikat, etc. are all acceptable. Necklines need to be kept modest with a collared, boat neck, square neck, or turtleneck.

• Dresses are a natural choice for business casual attire. They work well with cardigans and blazers. Necklines and sleeves should remain modest. Hemlines for both skirts and dresses can range from a few inches above the knee to just below the knee. Avoid minis, high-low, and asymmetrical hemlines are best left in the closet during the week.

• Blazers, usually stand-alone jackets, are considered formal, but they swing both ways depending on the fabric, pattern, and print. They come in all colors, prints, cuts, and fabrics, and options now are practically endless. Blazer is super trendy either separately or as part of a suit.

• A basic cardigan is a staple in business casual attire. Sweaters can be worn in a variety of ways, either as a top or over a shirt, with pants or skirts, or over a dress. Another choice could be twinsets or polo/knit shirts. The fit of the sweater is essential here, so try to stay away from anything too baggy or ill-fitted. Fine-gauge knits work best; bulky sweaters not so much.

• Stilettos, pumps, open-toed heels, closed kitten heels, Flats, wedges, heels, boots, and certain sandals can be worn with business casual outfits. Sneakers are completely out of question.

• When it comes to bags, prefer medium size handbags or purses. However, an oversized tote as a focal point could be great if you keep the rest of the outfit as simple as possible.

• A touch of rose gold, a nice vintage piece of jewelry or a designer watch. Quality materials and impeccable design are the number one rule when it comes to business casual attires.

• Pay attention to hair, makeup, mani-pedi and perfume. When in doubt, rely on the “less is more” mantra.

• The outfit in the workplace should always match — colors and patterns should not clash with each other. Solid colors work better than bright patterns. Keep the ensembles looking fresh and clean.

In business casual dressing it is essential to avoid torn denims, shorts, pants with bold prints and bright colors, spaghetti straps, strappy flat sandals, ballet flats.

More as we go on…


11th September 2019



Having covered all about Business Casual attire in the previous edition there surely would be enlightened with tips and on deciding what to wear on Fridays or/ and Saturdays.

The key to nailing the business casual look relies on both what you wear and how you wear it.

The line between business casual and professional for men typically hinges on tie-or-no-tie.

Let’s start with the most basic framework of what business casual for men is composed of:

• The classic dress shirt is the cornerstone of any men’s business casual attire. Even short-sleeved button down shirts preferably plain and in neutral colors falls well within the casual range. It’s both one’s sidekick and business partner and will literally work as a safe fall back. Consequently, it’s good to avoid printed shirts.

• Semi-formal pants in Khaki, gabardine, wool, or cotton neatly pressed or even dark jeans go ideally when wearing a blazer. It’s essential to make sure the pants and shirts match. The interaction of colors and patterns between the top half and bottom half makes or breaks a business casual outfit.

• A well-cut blazer or jacket adds an extra professional touch to the run-of-the-mill office ensemble. It can be of use if worried that the button-down shirt, by itself, makes one look too casual for the office. It’s generally safe to stick to plain-colored coats such as grey, black and blue. It’s a good idea to have a blazer on hand for any last minute or unscheduled formal occasions.

• In winters, layering a sweater over a dress shirt is a great way to keep warm while looking sharp. Crewnecks, v-necks, and quarter zips are solid choices for layering.

• Tie-up shoes, classic dark leather shoes, classy loafers. Avoid sandals, boots, etc.

• A leather belt, in black or brown but matching the shoes lends an impressive look.

• Minimalist brown leather with white dial watch is a must-have for any guy.

• A soft leather briefcase could work with any of the above looks.

• Maintain personal cleanliness, use deodorant, antiperspirant to prevent unpleasant body odors. Avoid using heavily scented perfumes, colognes, and lotions.

One needs to be conscious that the clothing is properly ironed and free of distressed or frayed fabric, and the item one wears is fitting properly.

When wearing business casual attire, it is still expected to abide by the customary principles of style and sophistication. Properly tucked in shirts are therefore, of importance.

So, the men’s business casual dressing has been amply deciphered and the compilation in the foregoing makes for a full guide.

Moving on from here the next coverage will be of a trickier aspect of business casual dressing which is that of the fairer sex. Wait till the next week to read what is in store as Business Casual Attire for Women………

4th September 2019



In our last segment we looked at the business professional attire. Fabric, colour, pattern and even the accessories, hair and the make-up were also considered. Business Casual Dressing has now come of age, to be worn on Fridays & Saturdays as the case maybe.

To put it simply, business-casual is not dressing up but dressing down of a business outfit. In other words, this dress code means to dress less formally and more comfortably at work only as long as the clothing is tasteful and falls within the bounds of professionalism.

Naturally, business casual attire should appear to be professional, attractive, and versatile. This code does provide scope for personal taste as long as professionalism remains at the forefront. A worthy example of a business casual outfit is a well-fitted, attractive blouse worn with pants and finished with stylish black shoes. This trio effectively conveys the idea of business casual without compromising professionalism.

Some useful basic tenets for Business casual dressing will be appropriate to consider in deciding what to wear to work on Fridays or Saturdays.

Maintain Consistency helps to establish an image of trust and credibility as an employee. Wearing professional and conservative outfits Monday through Thursday and suddenly showing up on Friday, looking unrecognizable surely is not a good idea. On the casual Fridays, therefore, it’s best to consider dressing down a bit.

If you’re meeting with clients or scheduling a business lunch, dress on the conservative side out of respect for the people you’re meeting; save the casual comfort for a time when expected to be in office on the Fridays.

Jeans have come to be acceptable as Friday dressing but surely these should not be a pair with stains or ripped cuffs. The outfit, though casual, should still be formal enough to be comfortable and attend an unexpected meeting that may come up at short notice.

Business casual is probably easier to figure out for men than for women. For men, appropriate business casual attire is dress pants or chinos, a button-down shirt, dark socks, and dress shoes. However, in the case of women the moment you go beyond the formal attire, it tends to be flashy, risking an appearance as ready for a party. This is also so, as fashion has traditionally been more to do with women and stylists and designers have dotted more on the feminine beauty, enriching and embellishing the fairer sex much more than the male form.

We shall consider types of business casual clothing for both men and women in our next edition.

So keep reading…………


27th August 2019



Continuing the last edition and further dwelling on making the appearance impressive, the hair have a very prominent bearing on how we look and need to be coordinated with the make-up one wears. In addition, other accessories like jewellery, watches as also personal hygiene are of importance. We list the same below.


A little is usually better than none for a polished look. Keep make-up conservative and natural looking. Makeup for women should be simple and never look too extravagant. A good mascara, subtle eye shadow and a gentle colour for the cheeks and lips is all that you really need. Gloss and sheen will never go down well when in business professional attire.

An up-do hairstyle works well in a professional set-up. There are many types of up-dos, including buns, ponytails and twists, and all offer a neat appearance. With an up-do, hair is swept off your face, leaving your hands free to manage business tasks.

For Men – Hair should be trimmed and well maintained, including facial hair. The look should never be such that the hair fall into the eye or look unruly. If sporting a moustache or a beard, these should be well trimmed and give a elegant look.

Keep your watch and jewelry choices simple and leaning toward conservative. Simple earrings or studs, a modest necklace, and few rings are acceptable. Keep the ring count down to one per hand. Pearls are always considered the best choice for professional attire.

For Men, a simple watch and a wedding ring or band are standard jewelry items that are appropriate.

Don’ts – Avoid extreme styles, dangling earrings, loud and noisy bangles, necklaces or rings on every finger. Earrings or other piercings are not acceptable for business dress.

Good Hygiene, Grooming & Other Details

Always practice good hygiene, this means good grooming habits that will impart us a clean look.

The clothes must be clean, pressed, and wrinkle-free, ideally well fitted and not over or under sized.

Shoes must be clean and polished.

Deodorant is important, but avoid wearing a strong cologne, perfume or aftershave that is overpowering.

Groom your skin — a fresh and healthy surface is always better than one that is dull and bumpy or too oily/ greasy.

Teeth & Nails should be clean and well groomed.

Tattoos should be covered with clothing.

The thumb rule of dressing is always comfort. So, If you have to question an item, better don’t wear it. By keeping your attire classy and timeless you are all set to win the compliments.

Hope you find our inputs useful, so keep reading as in the next week we will discuss the Business Casual Attire.


20th August 2019



Besides what to wear it is important to keep in mind other attributes. A professional presentation always goes beyond the outfit and includes the many details that contribute to a person’s overall appearance.

Color schemes for business professional wardrobe should ideally stay conservative. Wear “power” colors such as black, navy, dark gray and earth tones.

Navy is a neutral color that looks good on everyone. Black and gray are also in the corporate business attire color palette, and a subtle pinstripe may be acceptable too.

Caution should be exercised and bright colors that attract attention be avoided

A suit should be constructed of a wool or wool blend fabric as these drape nicely and wear well over time. Cotton, silk and blends are appropriate for ladies. One should avoid synthetic fabrics like rayon and polyester blends which lack quality and can wrinkle

Avoid wearing dresses with a busy pattern, a patterned weave such as a pinstripe or checks are acceptable, as long as the detail is very small and not overwhelming.

If your clothing creates a statement, your shoes are the punctuation. It is important to wear shoes that fit well so you can walk comfortably. The footwear must be in be leather or fabric / microfiber. Appropriate colors are black, navy, brown, tan, taupe to coordinate with attire and accessories. Well-made leather pumps are essential to a professional woman’s wardrobe. Women can wear heels or flats.

Chunky heels and platforms are not appropriate. Avoid open toe shoes and shoes that expose the heel of the foot.

If you carry a purse, keep it simple, or carry a small briefcase or business-like tote bag in place of a purse. The color should coordinate with the shoes if possible. A structured bag tends to look more professional than something soft or floppy. A quality designer or other leather handbag large enough to fit letter-sized documents is a necessity in the workplace

Ideally backpacks (though very popular today) should not be a part of your wardrobe in any situation. Please leave them in your locker, home or in the car.

There is still more to make our appearance impressive and we shall share the same in the next edition.

So keep reading this series…..

14th August 2019



“Clothes maketh the man” holds true in the business world, as what you wear shapes perception of who you represent. It not only conveys one’s credibility and competence but also reflects the personality. If you head a company or a team — your clothes need to reflect it too.

A traditional attire, also known as “business formal”, apt for more conservative settings with strict dress codes should be worn in accounting, banking, finance, government or law industries and should be in tune with cultural norms for both business casual and client ready days.

The universally accepted attire for Men should include a three-piece suit or full suit with matching jacket and pants with belt accompanied with a well fitted and not baggy pressed, collared shirt in plain white or solid colors like light blue, pink, etc., subtle stripe, or simple pattern.

A necktie as it subtly communicates the personality. Small repeating patterns or diagonal stripes in complementary shades on a solid, dark background work well. Length to just cover your belt buckle is ideal.

Well polished quality leather sole shoes, in neutral colors Laced-up or wingtip with socks matching pants, high enough not letting bare skin be visible when sitting or crossing legs. Additionally, no cologne, tattoos or piercings should be visible and a light briefcase or portfolio case go well.

In the case of Women a skirt or pant suit in black or other neutral colors (dark gray, navy, brown) with top and bottom matching and a pressed collared button down shirt go well. It is recommended that skirts should be a little below the knee and never shorter than above the knee. In a country like India, Silk Sarees are the epitome of classy business Indian wear.

The feet should be elegantly adorned in closed-toe heels, dress shoes (pumps, flats, heels) but platform or >2.5 inch heels are NO NO.

Make-up should be minimal and conservative (daytime makeup) with no visible tattoos; pale color nail polish; perfume or body sprays.
In case of long hair the same should be pulled back away from face and kept simple as also with the jewelry (i.e. studs for earrings); all other jewelry and piercings should be removed.

A trend that is fast catching on are scarves with suits and even dresses or blouses. A scarf will add color and class to a plain white shirt or blouse worn over denim or a solid colored dress. It is necessary that sleeveless dresses are acceptable but short or long sleeves are the safest bet.

When wearing a long sleeved shirt underneath, the jacket sleeve should hit the wrist just above the long sleeve so you can see the shirt sleeve peek out just a bit. The hem of your dress should rest no higher than 3 inches above the knee or 1 inch below the knee. If your skirt comes to just below the knee, a slit to just above the knee might be acceptable. A very long skirt should not be slit to above the knee. The slits in the center back of a skirt — to facilitate walking or stair climbing — are acceptable. The hem should cover the ankle but not drape to the floor. Stay away from pants that are too tight

Caution should be exercised to not wear dresses with see-through panels and showing a slip or undergarments. No sweaters should be worn for business professional occasions.

We will share more about colors, fabrics & patterns and a lot more in our next Series.

So keep reading this series…..


6th August 2019


The last blog let you in on the secret daily routine exercises which surely you would have incorporated. Apart from looking good it is important to being and feeling healthy. Only a healthy body can sustain the pressures of today’s hectic life. Achieving the targets is the prime pressure and appearance- how we look and carry ourselves, our dressing style can make or break this entire effort in progressing towards success. Sometimes even celebrities get trolled for not being properly dressed for the occasion thus tarnishing their image.

This week focus is on appropriate dressing.

What could be more embarrassing and awkward than being inappropriately dressed!!!

Our dress almost always is the first thing evaluated wherever we go whether a formal gathering or a casual meeting. It is indeed embarrassing to find oneself being noticed and stand out in a gathering for the wrong reasons. At a wedding, showing up in shorts or at a job interview in a distressed jeans or conversely in a saree or formal gown to an outdoor adventures with friends would be downright silly. Time & Occasion demands dressing right and in a way that compliments us. So, knowing how to dress for wherever you are going is extremely important.

It will be nice to first understand what “dress appropriately” means? Google has the answer for us:
“For women it means a nice dress, skirt, or pantsuit. Men should wear slacks, a button-front shirt, a jacket, and a tie that can be removed later…..”

Further dwelling to understand things better the dictionary’s answer would be to wear something suitable or compatible; wear something comfortable OR “Something that is appropriate is suitable or acceptable for a particular situation”

So the universal requirement is to be conscious of the PARTICULAR SITUATION we are dressing for.

A situation or occasion could be Everyday office; Job Interview; a Client, Board Meeting, a Conference, a Seminars; Friday the onset of the weekend; an Office, Lunch, Cocktail Party; a wedding; a formal & ceremonial dinner; a birthday party; when Travelling; Outing with Friends or a movie date.

Broadly we have been categorising dressing as formal or casual, but with the growing fashion consciousness and globalisation the dressing categories have undergone multiple subdivisions to fit a proper occasion or situation. As an example, in office we all follow the formal dress code but on Friday’s Semi Formals-is a done thing and most acceptable at most offices.

Let’s focus on Formal Office Wear this week
Convention has generally four types of corporate dress codes: Business formal, business professional, business casual, and casual.

Most progressives offices and organisations have a written dress code -a set of standards that companies develop to provide their employees guidance about what is appropriate to wear to work. The formalness of the workplace dress code is normally determined by the number of interactions, employees have with customers at their work location. In offices where the face to face customer interactions are more like in a law office, banks, retail sector, product marketing etc., the dress code would range from business professional to business formal. Whereas organisations with less public interface have business casuals to a casual dress code. These would be IT companies where software coding etc. are done, or even call centres, etc where face to face interactions are not needed.

In the working world, clothes definitely matter, not only because it involves face time with coworkers or clients but the dress also reflects ones level of success. The higher the status and place on the corporate ladder the more formal the dressing should be. A boss must always be distinctly dressed than his team members.

Thankfully, there is a wide range of attires that are acceptable as formal office wear for women. This permits women to be stylish and variant in their turnout. Although for men the options are quite limited they can wear a dark colored suit over a dress shirt with a tie.

To achieve a proper look clothes form only a small portion of the entire dressing, the accessories also form an integral part of the dressing. Next week we will elaborately talk about Business Professional Attire a complete compilation of dos and don’ts in terms of dressing including the shoes, ties, belts, and even the prints and the colors too!!

So keep reading this series…..


30th July 2019


Keeping Fit is fashionable, an article that everyone desires to have, but busy schedules hardly allows TIME to exercise.

Sitting today is the “new smoking” – very detrimental. Being desk bound at respective workstations leaves little scope for movement during the day and the casualty is a balanced healthy life. Sitting all day not only increases risk of obesity but sets the beginning for back pain, poor posture, leg cramps, tense muscles and of course sheer boredom.

Exercise is simply the act of keeping your body busy, using your muscles and bones while your heart keeps pumping. Being busy is never an excuse to not staying fit.

Under the circumstances adopting inconspicuous ways to exercise at work can go a long way to keep the body happy, healthy and fit. Simple regular exercises while sitting each day help to improve flexibility, muscle tone and strength. The beauty is that one is secretly squeezing in an unnoticed workout, keeping active, in shape in between the work deadlines.

So, refine your health with discrete chair exercises and start now while you are reading this blog.

Shut your eyes twice every hour. Place the pads of your palms on your eyes and apply mild pressure. This will relieve eyestrain.
 Take your eyes off your monitor and let them wander around for a few seconds every now and then. This exercise keeps your eyes alert and reduces possible headaches and eye irritation.
 Every 20 to 30 minutes, look at something off in the distance, such as a window across the length of the office, for 20 seconds to give your eyes a break.

 Sit up tall and drop your right ear down towards your right and hold for a few seconds and repeat for the left side.
 Chin tucks exercise or neck retraction reduces the strain on your neck, shoulders, and clears your mind. While standing or sitting upright, keep your spine straight and push your head forward, jutting your chin out as far as possible. Slowly reverse the movement by pulling your head back as far as possible, as if recoiling away from someone.
 Turn your head the left and try and look over your shoulder and hold for a few seconds, repeat on the right.

 Roll your shoulders forward and backward 10 times each, this is a great way to relieve tension in the neck and ease the muscles.
 Raise your shoulders up toward your ear, hold for 10 seconds, and relax. For an even bigger stretch, do just one shoulder at a time, then alternate. Do this 10 times.

 Stretch the muscles in your right arm by reaching as far to the left as you can with your right arm while supporting it in the crook of your left elbow and then hold it there. Remember to keep your arms straight to get the best stretch that you can. Feel the stretch for five seconds. Do eight reps before switching over to your left arm.
 Raise your arm into the air and lean in the opposite direction as if you were reaching for something on a high shelf. Hold for 10 seconds, then switch arms. Repeat three to four times. This will stretch your sides and arms

 Breathe in, suck in your tummy, hold it in for a few seconds, and then release it as you breathe out. Repeat this move every few minutes during your day.
 Breathe in and pull in your pelvic floor muscles. Hold this position for a few seconds and then release.

 Relieve tension in your back by doing the great back twist. To start, sit in your chair and place your right arm behind your right hip. Twist to the right side and hold for 10 seconds, then repeat on the other side. Aim to do three on each side.


 Roll your wrists both clockwise and anticlockwise every now and then, at least 10 times with each wrist. Wrists are prone to Repetitive Stress Syndrome and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; you can prevent these from occurring by constantly working out your wrists.
 Flap your wrists frontwards and backwards as though you’re serving a tennis ball. Repeat this move several times.
 Another wrist stretch is called the praying hands. Put the palms of your hands together around chin-level and slowly bring them towards your waist, keeping your arms close to your body. Lower them until you feel tension in your wrists and hold for 10 to 30 seconds.

Calf Muscles
 Give your calf muscles a work out by raising your legs up on the very tips of your toes while remaining seated. Your calf muscles should start to burn after a few seconds. Hold for ten seconds, return to the starting position, and then repeat eight times.

 A quick and easy exercise is a simple leg extension. Point your toe and extend your leg out straight. Lifting your leg and holding it for five to 10 seconds will stretch your calves and hamstrings. Switch legs and repeat at will.
 Alternatively, you can relax your foot and extend your leg outward, raising it every 10 seconds, to work the lower abdomen.

 Clench all your toes and release them after a few seconds.
 Move all your toes and allow air to pass between them.
 Another exercise to do at your desk is the Foot Drill.While seated, try tapping your feet for 30 seconds at a time – or longer. It helps in bringing your heart rate up.

Added to the discreet office workout routine, the best advice for desk workers is to stand periodically, taking frequent walk breaks, taking the stairs, drinking plenty of water, eating appropriately and maintaining the right posture.

Do remember to keep your body happy and healthy whilst you work, you will thank yourself later.


24th JULY 2019


A Woman’s best friend that brings a twinkle to the eyes as it is most loved sought after and treasured by virtually all is Jewellery!

No doubt Gold & Diamond jewellery is preferred by all and also regarded as an investment; it has with it a huge effort for safe keep as also a risk with regard to personal safety. Hence, unhindered use of the same is a NO-NO. Added to that today’s fashion trends have resulted in heavy and expenses precious jewellery only being used on very special occasions like weddings, etc.

The inclination of woman today is to prefer simple pieces which can be carried as office and party wear. Tastefully selected and well coordinated with the attire, a simple chain string can make a lot of difference to our entire personality.

A suggestive outline of some jewellery trends that have gained particular fondness in the daily life are shared as they offer unique mixtures of the modernity and traditions.

Lightweight Jewellery

Lightweight jewellery, the flavour of the season let’s women be themselves. It adds a deserved sparkle to the overall look and is beautiful. Jewels that give more with less are always welcome. Choose from dainty chains with fine pendants, dainty rings, and fine bracelets in either gold or silver. These work as very effective in daily use and adding exquisite embellishments can be stunning!

Tribal Jewellery

Innovation can be the key to elegance and being noticed. A huge scope exists to meet this end by creating newness and to buzz up the trends with tribal jewellery, specially the silver ones are most loved. These need no specific dressing up, it goes along possibly with all the outfits. More so the tribal jewellery has the potential to elevate any ethnic outfit’s style status. When it comes to necklaces choose styles that contain large beads, geometric shapes, or bold colored chokers. These can easily work as a statement piece to a plain white tee, and still create an elegant vibe.

Layering – stack your jewellery!

Simple additions and combinations can make all the difference. Mix metals, textures and stones; this creates a more natural and interesting feel. It doesn’t need to match perfectly! Stacking rings is a beautiful method to spruce up the fingers and can add a dash of uniqueness to the style. Stacked stud on the ears could be another trend setter to accentuate the ear lobes. Do consider the neckline while wearing layering necklaces, the simpler it is, the more decorative it looks. Generally speaking, wearing more neutral and plain colours when layering is best. It really makes the jewellery speak for itself.

Bold, Statement Jewellery

Another jewellery trend that is there to stay is statement jewellery. From large collar necklaces, tassel earrings and chunky stacker bracelets, they have been, and will remain, a strong jewellery trend. We are seeing jewellery made from fabric, wood, ceramics, anything….which is why the sky is the limit when one want to choose the ideal statement piece. Make a statement whichever way you want – a single chunky gemstone bead bracelet, or a few nicely stacked on your wrist; or a single statement ring;

Depending on the style of jewellery, we can create whatever look we want – chunky, bold or colourful jewellery for a more edgy, dramatic look, daintier gemstone and precious metal pieces for contemporary elegance, or leather and tassels for that always-desirable, boho-chic look.

It’s all about doing it the way that suits you, just use your creativity and constantly innovate to keep up the newness.

17th July 2019


“Mirror, Mirror don’t speak the truth as the bulges will make me bad to look.” Sad but the mirror only speaks the truth! Don’t be disheartened, the mirror may not oblige. A few simple wardrobe tweaks can do the trick to transform ones appearance to trim.

Our constant endeavour is to enhance how we look – much more than what we actually are.

Dressing right and by just a few simple adjustments to your wardrobe one surely can look smarter, younger and chic. Be conscious and refrain from trying to hide under oversized tops/ t-shirts/ dresses/ sweaters, as this can make you look shapeless and frumpy.

Some tips to help achieve the right cover up are compiled in the ensuing.

Vertical Zebra Print: Drop a dress size without hitting the gym thanks to clever stripes. A chic and modern print with vertical stripes elongates the body, making one look slim and tall. A jersey fabric would be great as it easily glides of the bumps to be hidden. Mismatched or angular directions and a mix of colors work best for a slimmer silhouette. A simple accessory like a plain black belt is great to top off the outfit and will flatter the waist line.

Kurta/ Tunics: If looking for something loose and comfortable, opt for kurtas/ tunics. They’re ideal because they look great with any body shape. They help in hiding the tummy bulge and can be accessorized with almost anything. A stylish summer look is best achieved by choosing a tunic with prints that adds a little zest to the ensemble. One can top it off with a great pair of sandals.

Clean, Streamlined Jeans: The way to go is to choose flattering styles with dark and unembellished pockets. Extra details catch the eye, giving an illusion of bulk so think twice about tags, grommets, or decorative. The leanest silhouette of all is boot cut and straight leg.

Dark and Light Combos: A great trick to use is to buy dresses that appear as if they’re two pieces. Get a dress that has a bright top like green or blue, and a dark bottom, preferably black. The bottom or “skirt” part of the dress may be high-waisted and accessorized with a slim belt to make the torso look narrow and hide the thighs.

Work a Monochrome Look: While black is always chic, but other dark colors are equally slimming. Give deep greens, reds, and blues a try; the monochrome look can create a long vertical line, making the body seem tall and lean.

Flare and Fit: A stylish yet simple answer for women wanting to look slim wearing a dress is to have the right amount of flare. A-line dress or skirt adds a perfect amount of volume to the lower body while also accentuating the waist. The ideal hemline for anything A-line is just above the knee.

Sport the Right Jacket: In general, jackets that are hip-length with tailored lines look sleek. Coats that are too baggy and long or that are too-tight across the chest are figure-flattery disasters. Steer clear of cropped jackets if you are trying to call attention away from the waist. Tapered, waist-length jackets always whittle the waist.

Choosing Prints: If one loves prints always be careful not to choose prints that are too big as they add more to the weight rather than making one look slim. Horizontal stripes are big a no-no.

Choosing Fabrics: Wearing dresses that are made of thin fabrics and darker in color will always make one look slim. Silk, satin, crepe and chiffon will never fail to make one look slim and lean.

Sleeve and Neck Styles: If top heavy avoid necklines that are too deep. They’re not flattering at all. V-necks, though not to deep, look much more flattering and slimming as they help elongate the neck. A Chinese collar too helps to create the same effect. Should there be likeness for collars, avoid making them too big. As far as the sleeves go its best to wear dresses that have three-quarter sleeves or full sleeves to hide the fat on the arms and shoulders.

Heels: The right shoes can really make an outfit pop and work wonders for the figure. Wearing heels is a well-known trick to appear taller and slimmer, but the type of heels can make a big difference. Stay away from chunky, open toe heels or those that have a strap around the ankle. These styles can both make calves look big. The best option is pointed heels, which make ankles look thin and elongate legs.

Accessorize: When wearing accessories like necklaces, opt for small beaded ones or simple feminine chains with pendants. Heavy necklaces only make one look tacky. A belt over a top or dress is always great as they cinch your waist and flatter your curves.

No matter what one wears, always ensure that it is comfortable. This is the most important thing when it comes to clothes and fashion. The style and the clothes one chooses reflects and affects our personality, mood, health and overall confidence.


Dated: 9th July 2019

Bonjour Monsoon!!

With pitter-patter raindrops falling on our head, it’s time to pack away those stilettoes, leather shoes, sheer tops and pastel-coloured shirts and bring out the waterproof sandals, capris and colourful umbrellas.

Monsoon brings along the much needed respite from the heat, but the season also throws a challenge at you when it comes to dressing up.

Best is to wear cotton kurta teamed ankle trousers or cigarette pants. Opt for colours like white, yellow and pink in cotton fabric. Wear soft cotton shoes as it’s muddy outside and these are washable. Humidity can make your hair go frizzy. A neat bun or a ponytail or a braid is a great way to keep it under control.

1. Wear light clothes

Although the sun remains hidden behind clouds, the humidity can be bothersome. So, it’s very important to choose breathable and comfortable fabrics. They help our skin to breathe and remain fresh, which is vital for fighting germs in this soggy season. During monsoon, it’s almost impossible to not get drenched in a sudden downpour when stepping outside. Hence, it is crucial that you choose fabrics that dry quickly & easily, like cotton, polyster and chiffon.

Avoid wearing clothes made of denim or silk, as they tend to take a lot to dry and even get ruined, especially silk.

2. Crop is the it-word for monsoon.

Go for short-hemmed outfits which do not hinder the mobility in the rainy showers. The advantage of crop tops, shorts and short to medium-length skirts is that they do not tend to get dirty in the rain.

Culottes, ankle trousers, playsuits, printed dresses, printed skirts, cigarettes pants make for the right bottoms which end a little above the ankle to avoid the occasional puddle.

Try flowery prints this weather, which will also add more dazzle to the wardrobe on rainy days.

3. Play with strong colours

To beat the heat we decked our wardrobes with lovely pristine whites, pastel pinks and somber greys. But, it’s best to lock away these soft shades for sunnier days because muddy streets can stain our pretty dresses. So, it’s best to stick to dark shades, like bright magenta and bold blues.

Drive away the monsoon blues by flaunting some bright shades like splendid pink, blue, orange and yellow are a perfect pick when combined with neutrals keep our spirits high and bright. For night parties, go for red or bright orange instead of the classic black.

4. Handy Handbags

We tend to carry our worlds with us in our handbags. But, monsoon is not the right time for that. While that is understandable, carrying a huge bag can get tedious in the rains, so keep it as minimal as possible.

It is essential to carry a handbag during the rainy season, stuffed with the like of wipes, make-up, umbrella, raincoat, plastic bag and waterproof essentials. Also, carry a mini mobile pouch that is waterproof.

5. Vibrant feet!

When it comes to footwear, wear vibrant flip flops and sandals. Light comfortable flip flops and jelly flats saves from the unpredictable puddles and muddy streets. They can be worn easily with almost any outfit.

Pick monsoon-perfect socks. Closed footwear should ideally be avoided in the monsoon. However, most of us don’t have the liberty to wear casual shoes at the workplace. If you are wearing closed footwear in monsoon, make sure to wear waterproof socks which will keep the feet dry and safe from bacterial infection.

6. Skincare

In the rainy season, skin care is very essential. It’s beneficial to stay hydrated and saturate your skin simultaneously. Get your hands on gel-based foundations and concealers as they will make our face look hydrated and even toned.

7. Don’t Cake your Makeup!

Applying makeup in the monsoon can be a big pain because of the humidity. So, it’s important to keep your makeup light and fresh. Opt for matte products and don’t go overboard with the foundation. Blend the beauty products well.

Avoid heavy makeup in monsoon as it might get sweaty and patchy. Use gel based primers and cream foundations as they even out the skin. For eyes, go for waterproof gel or liquid liners and avoid pencil liners as they tend to get smudgy in the rains. Apply matte based lipsticks or lip liners after dabbing your lips with a lip balm.

8.Tie your Tresses

Monsoon brings with it a bag of hair woes. And hence, we must protect our tresses the best we can. Opt for hairstyles like ponytails, braids and buns that prevent your hair from getting messy and damaged. They are comfortable and easy to maintain. You can even try different types of braids like fishtail, French braid and inverted braids for a chic look. High ponytails are also great for work. Also, avoid blow drying or styling your hair on a daily basis. Do regular deep conditioning to avoid frizz.

9. Make a statement with your umbrella:

Last but not the least, a nice and vibrant collection of umbrellas is a must have in monsoon.
The miniature and foldable varieties can be put in your bag easily as they are very compact. Bright coloured umbrellas are in this season. There are some with bright prints on transparent surfaces.

Surely enough these tips along with a hot cup of something or maybe even a chilled smoothie with hot appetizing snack-fritters our internationally famous Samosa, sitting by the window side can indeed be relaxing the lovely rain!!

03rd July 2019

KURTIZ- Merger of Style with Tradition

Hey Cool Cats! We are dedicating this week to the most amazing piece of clothing – Kurtiz. This is the most essential possession in the closet of each woman, irrespective of age, color, size.

The most favorite style statement to look chic in a traditional way combined vibrant colors, trendy prints and designs makes Kurtiz the most loved ethnic wear of India.

A great choice for every occasion – office, parties, family functions, outings and to top it all suitable for every body type.

Let’s check out some pretty designs of kurtiz according to latest trends of this year.

Asymmetric Kurti – A must have to keep up with fashion trends with hemlines having gone asymmetrical with a boho flavor, good to wear with heavy ethnic skirts, lots of bangles and heels to look absolutely stunning. These usually come without side slits and add to the aesthetics of the outfit.

High-Low kurti A variant of the asymmetrical style, having no definition but a straight hemline.

Suits-All body types young to middle aged women.
Team with- Leggings– full or ankle length or printed; Jeggings for Office or casual wear

Anarkali Kurti –A must have for grace and elegance and to give a ravishing look. Its best part is that it can either be dressed up or down depending on the fabric and embroidery.

Suits- All body types young to middle aged women.
Team with- Leggings – full or ankle length for office, college; Parties- Weddings, Kitty parties

Slit Kurti –Slits are in trend, on a floor length with a thigh-high slit, in front or the side adorned with minimal makeup and a messy bun thus taking the style quotient to the next level. The slit is perfect to garner enough attention and make it the centerpiece of our ensemble!

Suits – All age groups and body types
Team with – Leggings, linen pants, and palazzos on Parties or special occasions

Overlay Style Design – Multilayered, either embroidered or embellished layer to cover the inner transparent material. These come in flowing fabrics like chiffon and georgette and they are form fitting and flattering.

Suits – Petite, tall, hourglass, and inverted triangle body typed young to middle aged women
Team with– Culottes, linen pants, half or ankle length leggings for Parties or special occasions.

Tail-Cut Kurtiz – Similar to asymmetrical kurtiz, they are a little longer at the back. The style could include a longer cut on the sides in the hemline. They bump up our style instantly.

Suits – Tall, petite, hourglass, pear, and triangle shaped young and middle aged women
Team with – Leggings, Jeggings – anything full length for Parties and special occasions

Shirt Style Kurtiz – A fusion of shirts and kurtis is a nice break from the round neck lines found in abundance in all closets. A formal shirt like collar gives a smart look and can be worn as a dress too. Could also be styled in a more western way – throw on a jacket and add collar cuffs to it, to look absolutely fab!

Suits – All body typed young to middle-aged women
Team with – Jeans, leggings, jeggings or treggings for Office, college, daily wear.

Kurti With A Jacket – Adds an intriguing definition to the outfit and amps up the style in a flash. Can we worn as a dress too. Looks amazing with a mix of two separate patterns – Indian prints such as ajrakhs, dabu with other block prints.

Suits – Tall, pear, inverted triangle, and round body typed young to middle-aged women.
Team with – Leggings and palazzos for Office and party wear.

Angrakha Kurti -Enlivened once upon a time by the performers’ dresses, essentially has a major piece of the dress taken as a fold on the opposite side, decorated and decked up with pom-poms, tufts or anything.

Suits –All body typed young to middle-aged women.
Team with – Leggings or even palazzos if you can pull it off for Daily wear, parties, depending on the fabric and embroidery.

Flared Kurti– Swinging both ways are chic and elegant, suitable for both formal and daily wear set-up. The hemline opens up on both the sides, adding a little bounce to the outfit, and that’s what makes these attractive.

Suits – Tall women, pear, round and triangle shaped body typed young to middle-aged women.
Team with – Leggings, jeggings – anything full length for Office, college, daily wear.

Tunic Style Kurti – Touching the sweet spot between traditional and contemporary, sliding onto the body easily, sits effortlessly, giving a beautiful outline.

Suits – Petite, tall, hourglass, pear-shaped, round, and inverted triangle body typed young to
Team with – Culottes, chinos, half or ankle length leggings, jeggings for office, college or kitty parties.

Double Layered Kurti – Just like our regular straight cut or long kurtiz except the hemline has an additional layer. It adds an interesting definition to the aesthetics of the dress.

Suits – All body typed young to middle-aged women.
Team with – Leggings for Party wear or office, depending on the fabric and work on the kurti.

Long Straight Cut Kurti– Suit all occasion & personality making one stylish in a flash!

Suits – Tall, hourglass, pear-shaped, round and inverted triangle body types of all age groups.
Team with – Palazzos, leggings – full or ankle length.

Date: 26 June 2019

Color Trends For The Season

Hey Cool Cats! The sun is in no mood of shying away, so let’s make our wardrobes cooler with new shades to beat the heat.

As the sun gets brighter, so does our palette. Yellow is the most wanted colour du jour. Nobody shies away from the flaunting the bright-and-breezy orange this time of year. Even our blues, greens and pinks get a livelier and chirpier undertone.

The bright red-orange color “Fiesta” is the embodiment of passion and fire. Dynamic, active and energetic –easily associated with joy and fun.

The deep and intense shade of Jester Red is the
symbol of urban elegance and chic. It looks very rich
and noble – like an old expensive wine.

To add a few spices to the wardrobe – Turmeric the intense orange shade is not exactly the shade of orange, but it looks very much like it.

This wonderful spring color is warm, bright, full of
life and revealing, which is never enough. This coral
has a golden hue and a softer tone, great for casual

With Pink Peacock we move in the purple-pink shades. Pink generally embodies the spring-summer palette, where it is practically indelible.

Yellow-green “Pepper Stem” softens the
brightness of a fashionable palette. Calm and
natural, in the spring-summer closet it is “in the
right place”, it is a symbol of nature, spring and

This spring and summer color is just like the sun’s rays, illuminates everything around, giving a good mood and joy.

This brings freshness, coolness and depth to the
palette of fashion shades. A hue that simply does not
have to miss from the spring-summer palette 2019.

Toffee, we all love to eat as this brown is so warm and sweet. Wear it with black and white for subtle color game.

The golden yellow – just a little darker
and quieter promising a glimpse of pleasure
and pleasant sensations.

Another green shade – this time deeper and darker. It personifies the beauty of nature and the green of the leaves of a dense forest.

A light, soft and delicate pink hue combines two flowers –
lilac and lavender. This charms with its delicacy and


21st June 2019

Celebrating International Yoga Day

On this International Yoga Day, let’s talk about Yoga and how it helps in enhancing beauty – outer as well as inner. Yoga greatly aids in helping us look more youthful and radiant. An old adage “Age is just a Number” surely comes true for even those well into old age. Those who regularly practice yoga have a distinct glow that comes from within and radiates outward.

Yoga for Inner and Outer Beauty
Achieve true inner beauty as well as physical or outer beauty through regular Yoga! Be it excess weight or unwanted fat, gaining suppleness of the body as also flexibility to maintain proper body posture, all result in a more youthful being. Yoga helps in getting rid of toxins that accumulates in the body, i.e., Detoxification of the body, making our body healthy & happy. It likewise aids in improving blood circulation to provide that radiant glow to skin and hair.

Yoga aids the body in absorbing nutrients at the cellular level, consequently, helping all body organs to function at their best and lending a healthier glow not only to our face, but to the whole body. Talking of gains it also elevates the mood by greatly reducing stress levels, especially when done with proper pranayamas or breathing exercises.

Asanas to Enhance your beauty with Yoga
Some simple yoga asanas or postures that can be incorporated with pranayama yoga practice to get that youthful appearance.

*To attain soft, smooth, radiant, and wrinkle free skin: Start by standing straight and placing feet hip width apart. Continue by using palms for covering the face and breathing deeply and quickly 10 times. Continue breathing this way for 10 more counts while rubbing whole face with fingers, including the eye area. Rub from the chin going upwards to the forehead while continuing deep breathing.

*For a fat-free and flatter stomach: Begin by standing straight and placing feet hip width apart. Continue bending slowly forward trying to reach the toes using fingertips without knees bending. This may be difficult to do at first, so continued practice is a must. Once comfortable, then move on and attempt to reach the right toe with the left hand and vice versa, all the while keeping the knees straight. After mastering the second step, then try bending deeper forward and touching the ground with both the palms without your knees bending.

*To get that a curvier and slimmer waistline: Stand straight and place feet hip width apart. Next, spread the hands to the sides parallel to the floor and at shoulder level. Continue by turning the upper torso to the left side starting from waist up and facing behind as much as possible without straining the neck. Do the same on the right side and repeat 10 more times.

*Let’s not forget about those thighs that seem intent on following the laws of gravity as one age: Begin by standing straight, spreading the hands parallel to the floor, and pointing forward. Next, bend the knees and assume a medium squat position with the spine straight and thighs parallel to the floor. This yoga asana is like the ‘horse trance’ pose regularly practiced in martial arts. Do this for eight to ten times, try to hold the posture for at least three minutes.

So let’s begin today, on this special day, a journey to enhance our beauty with yoga while keeping our physical, mental, and spiritual states in their optimum condition. When we practice yoga regularly and eat healthy, we will see and feel the effects in no time at all.


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