Shubhani Talwar: Flamingo by Shubhani Talwar

Written by Punya Haruray

As Rosa Park puts it “Each person must live their life as a model for others”. I feel you can inspire others only if you are true to yourself and true to your heart. One should definitely do things that they are passionate about and at the same time wait for the right time to do it!

Some say that there is no “right time” to do something that you are passionate about but I strongly believe that if you logically and emotionally calculate the right time, that is, rely on your inner gut, you exactly know when the time is right!

Shubhani Talwar, an untrained artist and a fashion designer by profession worked in various export houses and firms in different capacities but always thought about how she could fully utilize her inborn love for art. She with her husband were into garment export business and later expanded into manufacturing garments. Her hobby was lost in the agile life of a working mother.

Finally the day arrived when she had a Eureka moment in the midst of a lean season of her business! She thought of painting and not only that but paint digitally on fabric! What she churned out are masterpieces! She made digitally printed sarees, kurtas & dresses and sold off her first lot like hot cakes! Her passion finally saw the light of day and that too proved to be a commercially viable business! Salute to such spirit of creativity! She is truly a model for aspiring artists and budding fashion designers.

She now has a huge collection of digitally painted fabrics in vivid colours, floral and abstract patterns as well as a mix of both. Her perfect blend of color makes her creations so elengant and classy! If you are looking for something different to wear at Casual parties and get togethers, this is one of those pieces you wont get anywhere else and at the same time it is a must have to complete your wardrobe!

Here is a glimpse of her stupendous creations!






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