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Ishita Ladha
Written by Punya Haruray

Marilyn Monroe once said, ‘Being normal is Boring’! So, are you bored of the normal clothes that are lying in your closet? Here’s what you could do!

The regular salwar kameez or churidars, the normal pants and party tops are all passé when you see what Ishita Ladha is making! Whether you are going out with your friends or family for casual lunch/dinners or gallivanting in the mall or even the soon- to- start Diwali parties, you can now rock in style if you add a few of these outfits to your wardrobe.

Ishita Ladha, a Delhi based designer who has some of the most different looking and reasonably priced Indo-western clothes that can be worn both at formal and casual dos. Use of vibrant colors and flamboyant combos make these outfits look festive yet are classy.

Here are a few best sellers from her product catalog!

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