We are entering the phase of Unlock 4.0 where more relaxations are offered by the Center. The biggest relief for commuters in this phase is resuming of Metro service.  Although this decision is big respite to the travellers, but travelling in metro trains in the Covid-19 pandemic is no longer going to be the same.

It will be mandatory for the passengers to use the Aarogya Setu app. For our readers we have listed a few things that they must know about metro travel post corona virus lockdown, so that they prepare and plan their travel in metro accordingly.

No tokens, Only Smartcards

No tokens will be issued to passengers due to a high risk of virus spreading through it. To promote greater e-transaction, the Delhi Metro recently launched a new facility that will enable riders to get their smart cards auto-topped up at automatic fare collection (AFC) gates. This new smart card is available for customers through the app ‘Autope’.

Train Halting Time

The halting time of trains at stations will increase to ensure social distancing between commuters while boarding/de-boarding trains. The metro train will halt for more than 30 seconds as compared to earlier to ensure social distancing is followed.

Frisking and Thermal Scanning

All passengers arriving at metro stations will be thermally screened by CISF staff. Only those with normal temperature and face mask will be allowed entry. The security officials will use modified hand-held metal detectors to check passengers from a distance.

Lifts and Escalators

Only three people will be allowed at one time in a lift and commuters will have to maintain a one step gap on escalators.

AC inside trains

It is no longer going to be cold inside the trains. Air conditioners inside trains will be set at 26 degrees Celsius so that there is a constant flow of fresh air in the train

Masks mandatory & Social distancing in trains, platforms

Wearing of masks will be mandatory both inside the station and during the journey and social distancing norms will be followed as per government guidelines. Hand sanitizers will be placed on stations. Trains will be sanitised after regular intervals.

Number of Passengers

The number of passengers in a train will be limited to 300-350. Only alternate seats will be used. Stickers have been placed on the seats leaving one seat in each coach on which it is written – ‘Please don’t sit here’.

Those found travelling without a face mask, sitting on seats that are meant to be left vacant, spitting, may attract hefty fines. Therefore, do remember these new set of rules for travelling via metro to ensure safe journey for yourself and fellow passengers. Keep Reading for more. Be Safe!!



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